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Italian Popular Tales
by Thomas Crane

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Thomas Frederick Crane
Professor Emeritus
Romance Languages
Cornell University

Tales from
Italian Popular Tales

The King of Love

Zelinda and the Monster

King Bean

The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird

The Fair Angiola

The Cloud

The Cistern

The Griffin


Fair Maria Wood

The Curse of the Seven Children

Oraggio and Bianchinetta

The Fair Fiorita



How the Devil Married Three Sisters

In Love with a Statue


The Cobbler

Sir Fiorante, Magician

The Crystal Casket

The Stepmother

Water and Salt

The Love of the Three Oranges

The King Who Wanted a Beautiful Wife

The Bucket

The Two Humpbacks

The Story of Catherine and Her Fate

The Crumb in the Beard

The Fairy Orlanda

The Shepherd Who Made the King's Daughter Laugh

The Ass That Lays Money

Don Joseph Pear

Puss In Boots

Fair Brow


The Peasant and the Master

The Ingrates

The Treasure

The Shepherd

The Three Admonitions

Vineyard I Was and Vineyard I Am

The Language of the Animals

The Mason and His Son

The Parrot: First Version

The Parrot: Second Version

The Parrot Which Tells Three Stories: Third Version

Truthful Joseph

The Man, the Serpent, and the Fox

The Lord, St. Peter, and the Apostles

The Lord, St. Peter, and the Blacksmith

In This World One Weeps and Another Laughs

The Ass

St. Peter and His Sisters


The Story of Judas

Desperate Malchus

Malchus at the Column

The Story of Buttadeu

The Story of Crivoliu

The Story of St. James of Galicia

The Baker's Apprentice


Brother Giovannone

Godfather Misery

Beppo Pipetta

The Just Man

Of a Godfather and a Godmother of
St. John Who Made Love

The Groomsman

The Parrish Priest of San Marcuola

The Gentleman Who Kicked a Skull

The Gossips of St. John


Mr. Attentive

The Story of the Barber

Don Firriulieddu

Little Chick-Pea


The Sexton's Nose

The Cock and the Mouse

Godmother Fox

The Cat and the Mouse

A Feast Day

The Three Brothers


The Three Goslings

The Cock

The Cock and That Wished to Become Pope

The Goat and the Fox

The Ant and the Mouse

The Cook

The Thoughtless Abbot



The Wager

Scissors They Were

The Doctor's Apprentice

Firrazzanu's Wife and the Queen

Giufa and the Plaster Statue

Giufa and the Judge

The Little Omelet

Eat, My Clothes!

Giufa's Exploits

The Fool

Uncle Capriano

Peter Fullone and the Egg

The Clever Peasant

The Clever Girl


Additional Tales


Italian Popular Tales is a treasure trove of scholarly research as well as fairy tale texts. For now, I am only adding the text of the 109 tales Crane included in the book, not his extensive commentary and notes, although I highly recommend them for further reading.

Further Reading

Crane, Thomas Frederick. Italian Popular Tales. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1885. Buy the book in hardcover or paperback.

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Italian Popular Tales by Thomas Crane

Italian Popular Tales by Thomas Crane

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