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(6/22/00 2:33:38 pm)
Favorites again
On the old board, before it crashed, we were talking about favorite books for that fantasy island (where many of us hoped we weren't stranded alone so we could borrow each others books!), and my topic of inspiration seemed to spark the desire (I think it was Jenna) to hear what music we would all take. Anyone interested? (I'll have to think really hard about this one- I just bought some new ones I have to see if I want with me! )

Registered User
(7/13/00 12:21:27 pm)
Re: Favorites again
Hmmmm- reading Stacy's response under "Inspiration revisited" reminded me of this old topic. Any takers on music you'd die without?!

I'll reply myself when I get back from some errands!

Registered User
(7/13/00 4:49:00 pm)
Music to live for!
(Note- this is unfinished- will continue later)

Hmmm, now mind you, this is only a draft- I change my mind quite often, so this may change too!

My current obsessions are as follows:

Songs from a Secret Garden- Secret Garden: They are a Norwegian-Celtic group with marvelous melodies! I also love their song "Dreamcatcher" which has been used most recently by Tara Lipinski in her routine- beautiful!

Fairy of the Woods- Gary Stadler: Haunting, royal, dreamscapes that burst forth and recede to make way for new notes, new images- I can't get enough of this one either!

David Arkenstone- ok, here I go overboard- I love his music! The ones I have are in his trilogy: In the Wake of the Wind, Quest of the Dream Warrior (which my boyfriend just put on), and Return of the Guardians. If you've been to Epcot in the 90's(I can't remember when) they used to play the first one often!

Andreas Vollenweider- my intro to New Age music (do they still call it that?), my father had his White Winds tape- we overplayed it so much it doesn't play anymore! Excellent for sailing, (as is In the Wake of the Wind) haunting winds that permeate the soul! His Caverna Magica (Under the Tree, In the Cave) album is just as good- it evokes many images and stories for me!

Rent soundtrack- for those many moments of angst!

Into the Woods- I had to say it!

Legend, Labyrinth, and Xanadu soundtracks

I have to stop here- someone needs the computer- I'll continue later! Enjoy!

Unregistered User
(7/13/00 5:54:36 pm)
How many are we allowed?
That's a really difficult one.

I'd have to bring Beethoven's 7th, Mozart's Requeim, and some of Bach's cello suites.

I'd also have to bring at least one of Peter Karrie's solo albums - he's a musical theatre actor/singer who I adore. I couldn't live without a regular dose of that voice!

I'd then probably cheat with a compilation CD of some of the rock/pop music I like - a bit of Tori Amos, a bit of Alanis Morrisette, and bit of Portishead, etc. Oh, and a Beatles compliation album.

Unregistered User
(7/13/00 5:55:32 pm)
I forgot to mention Lorenna McKennit and Steeleye Span.

Registered User
(7/14/00 3:18:02 am)
Re: Music to live for!
I believe the original limit with our favorite books was ten, but many of us ended up bringing libraries! Then we figured we'd all better be on the same island to share! It was fun!

I continue:

Legend, Labyrinth, and Xanadu soundtracks- Just the names are evocative of dreams, and the soundtracks are great too! Tangerine Dream, David Bowie (I thought it was the best he ever looked in that movie!), Trevor Jones, Olivia Newton John, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Gene Kelly, Cliff Richard and the Tubes! Great memories from great movies that haunt me still!

Nutcracker Suite- CANNOT DO WITHOUT! The reason I wanted to be a dancer, and almost did...

Nature's Ballet- classical music from ballets with animal songs- relaxing, haunting, dreamy!

Melting Pot- ok, so this was my sweetie's old band, but they sounded great!

Sixpence None the Richer- especially their song Kiss Me- it's just the perfect light-hearted summer song!

Ever After, Shakespeare in Love, Princess Bride, Mr. Holland's Opus (score & soundtrack), First Knight, & Dangerous Beauty- beautiful soundtrakcs as well! I've even written a little intro to Put Your Arms Around Me from Ever After about the potential singer (I can post it later if there's interest- I did the same for songs by Sarah MacLaughling, Cher, and others I can't remember at the moment)

Childhood Remembered- multi-artist album with songs composed based on thier favorite childhood stories- beautiful!

Kenny Loggins- Return to Pooh Corner- sweet melodies to gently soothe children to sleep- I give it to anyone expecting a baby and they love it!

Celtic Spirit- Track 12 brought me and my sweetie together- we were doing the Crucible- he was doing sound, I was Betty Paris- this was my cue to walk on stage and get ready for the opening scene.

Ok, I think I went overboard, and I'm sure I've forgotten a billion, but that's it for now! Enjoy and have a great and glorious day!

Unregistered User
(7/14/00 1:05:05 pm)
More favorite music
Picking a few favorite music or books would indeed be a daunting challenge for me as I live to read, to listen to great music, and to sing!!

In addition to the music I listed on the Inspiration post I would have to bring at least 15 others:

The Complete Billie Holliday
Mazzy Star - She hangs Brightly
The Creatures - Anime Animus
Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby
Paula Cole - This Fire
Sarah McLaughlin - Touch
Olive - Extra Virgin
My Own 4AD mix with This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, and Dead Can Dance among others
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home
Poi Dog Pondering - Wishing like the Mountain and Thinking like the Sea
The Indigo Girls - Strange Fire
Fluke - Risotto
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine & The Fragile
Operation Ivy - Operation Ivy
A Ska mix including the Bosstones, Jimmie Cliff, and the Pietasters,etc
Bare Naked Ladies
A mix of 80's music

I think with the previous list that totals to about 30 CDs. (only three times the limit - that's not bad is it?) I'd be really happy to be stranded with someone else too, especially if they had some music I've never heard or am not really familiar with - I hope there's a good sound system on the island, cuz some of mine has to be played loud!

Registered User
(7/14/00 1:12:00 pm)
Re: More favorite music
Ok- I have to add a few individual songs-

Me by Paula Cole
The Girl I Mean to Be- Broadway Secret Garden

(these are my 2 biggest courage songs)

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