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(6/21/00 2:05:07 pm)
Inspiration-revisited and thank you
I didn't get a chance on the old board to say thank you to all of you who posted about where your inspiration comes from! I recently sat down and wrote down where mine comes from and thought I'd post it since I asked it ( I can dish it and take, or so I'm telling myself!)

I find mine in nature- especially the woods. It always reminds me of my favorite story as a child, Morgan and Me, from the Serendipity series. So many stories take place in the woods- magical transformative, mythical, throughout time- the woods are still the woods. They're like a natural time machine- when we enter, it can be any time we like.

Music is another that transcends time and inspires me- it suggests places, event, colors movement. Especially the movement. Traditionally, dance was often based on storytelling through movement, prayer through movement, emotions through movement.

Other stories ALWAYS spark ideas for new ones- too well- I must have a million scraps of paper with ideas for stories based on oneor more stories! (ok, I exaggerate- such is the storyteller's way at times!)

The world around me mixed with my imagination is the most common these days. So often, to escape the hum drum of the city, I force myself to pretend the sidewalk is an old stone bridge leading to the next village or castle, a rail embedded in the pavement is a log precariously caught at the edges of a canyon, the small gatherings of trees are magical groves where time stands still, music lingers, and place is changed.

Recently, I just discovered a new inspiration- deadlines! The reason I asked for all of your inspiring words- Take Our Children to Work Day- is next week, and while I've had most of my research on inspiration, examples of handmade books, and donations all set a few weeks ago- I'm still coming up with ideas! I'm finding myself writing out all kinds of ideas to do with the kids should they get stuck, though now I'm getting stuck! As it draws closer, I'm getting more nervous that I'll overwhelm them or bore them, but the ideas keep flowing! Has anyone ever suffered of too much inspiration?

Again, thank you all for helping me!

(6/22/00 3:08:27 am)
PS- if there's anyone who didn't respond the first time and still wants too, I'd love to hear more!

Registered User
(7/11/00 10:19:21 am)
Re: Inspiration-how the day went
Well, Take Your Children to Work Day has come and gone, and I think I've survived with a little sanity left to deal out the details.

Judging by the heavy ammount of glitter that was still left in the room, the fact I could hardly fina a chair to sit on after that was not graced with the wonderful fairy dust (or goblin dust, as some may look at it), I believe it was a grand success! Many supplies were donated by generous companies for the enjoyment of all- paints, markers, crayons, pencils, gel pens (the best!), all sorts of paper, tons of glitter, glue, googly eyes, pom poms, strings, ribbons- you name it! I'm having the pictures developed right now- I took pics of some of the most creative books ever made by young hands! Mermaids, aliens, monkeys, volcanoes, worlds and wonders abounded! I was quite nervous when I first introduced myself (there was a reason I didn't go into teaching- having all eyes on only me was it!) But I managed to get myself out of the way and asked where they thought authors and illustrators got their ideas (they were quite intelligent, but I suppose having parents that work in publishing might help) and had some volunteers demonstrate different ways you can get ideas!

I felt really flattened in the end- like I was kept rising in excitement, anxiety, anticipation, and then it was done, and most of the work was unknown or forgotten (except I keep getting requests from coworkers for leftover stuff). Is this how it feels when you really get into researching/writing/illustrating a book?

Hope everyone's having a great day!

Sugarplum Dreams,


Unregistered User
(7/11/00 12:06:47 pm)
Well done ...
A round of applause goes out to you!

Unregistered User
(7/12/00 5:03:45 am)
the best

Wow sounds like you did a fabulous job! You know there will be calls made, and you will invited to put together birthday parties! Sounds like the kids had a good time, thought a little, played a lot and got a chance to be creative. What a nice gift for them.

Usually for me finishing a book is such a relief. I am always terrified that for some reason I won't be able the day I write the ending, even if the first draft of it sucks, is such a happy moment. But what I always a long time to reflect and a slow time to rewrite. Then you work in this calm, relaxed way without the intense white hot burn of that first creative burst. (which you had since it was all on one day!) But sometimes there is simply no other way to get things done except in that killer burst of activity. And then the only t hing that inspires me is 2lb bags of M&M's that I eat while I write until my soft palate is raw with the sugar.'s horrible. I need to find a new way to cope! I just got a fabulous CD called "Legacy" of medieval Indian music--glorious and transporting. With the sound pouring through the headphones, I have found it keeps me upright at the computer and thinking maybe I have found my alternative to M&Ms!

Congrats again on your successful day

Unregistered User
(7/12/00 10:11:18 pm)
free-thinking music

That CD sounds very interesting. I am a huge fan of both medieval and world music. I am definately going to check out "Legacy".
Some of my favorite free-thinking music selections for writing are: Baaba Maal, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Babatunde Olatunji, Clannad, Loreena McKennit, The original Carmina Burana Songs (though I like the Orff opera as well), Miranda Sex Garden, and Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerard is amazing - anyone who saw the movie Gladiator has heard her new stuff - I need to get that soundtrack!) I also love the operas La Wally and Lakme and the piano music of Gabriel Yared.

Chocolate is a great inspiration for me too - I especially love Cloud Nine Vanilla Dark Bars and ChocoLove Extra dark.

Kerrie - Congrats from me too!

Registered User
(7/14/00 1:43:12 pm)
Divine inspiration
slight aside- did you know instant choloate Jello pudding inspires hiccups to disappear? It relaxed me perfectly the rest of day, too!

Edited by Kerrie at: 7/15/00 3:00:49 pm

Registered User
(7/15/00 3:03:39 pm)

by Kerrie Colantonio

You made them laugh,
You made me sing,
How much you cared
Is why I bring
These words of thanks
To you today,
Though not nearly all
I want to say.
Your gifts were not
Just used for art,
But became gifts children
And parents have taken to heart.
My own leaps up
At such generosity,
With gratitude so great,
To you from me.

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