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Author Comment
Registered User
(9/15/01 6:19:14 am)
Below is an email I sent to Kinkos after seeing Donna's story. Kamui and I have been writing and sharing poems and prose with each other this week as well. I have sent word to my father and sister asking for cover art and other contributions.

Please, please let me know if any of you would like to contribute, whether it's writing, art, advice, selling copies, etc.

> >===== Original Message From Kerrie Colantonio <>
>I have worked with the Copley Square Boston Kinkos in the past for my self-published book. Right now I would like to ask a special favor. I know several authors who I would like to contact regarding a special benefit publication of our writing to benefit the Disaster Relief from Tuesday's tragedy. I would like to ask you first, however, if you will donate services
>and the resulting publication free of charge. I would say I'd pay for it myself, but I could also donate that money and any other funds raised if this favor was granted. I don't have much myself, but can charge the equivalent of cost via credit card if desired. Please, I feel helpless here in Bosotn, with
>the fear that this was the starting point and may still be dngerous. I feel helpless that I cannot donate blood as I am underweight. I would like to do something meaningful to many. Can you be of any assistance in this matter?
>Please, I beg of you, let me know, as soon as possible how this can come to fruition. Thank you, and I hope you are all well and safe where this is received.
>Kerrie Colantonio
>Penny-A-Page Publishing
>>In response to your e-mail, we invite you to come down to our branch and speak with Carolyn Francis, our manager at the branch. You, then, will need to explain in detail what your job entails. We would like to assist you in this difficult time, but we need to know the specifics of this project (e.g.
>>how many copies and how many pages.) We wish you well in your endeavor.
>Thank you,
>Callie Chapman Korn
>Kinkos, Copley

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Registered User
(9/15/01 10:20:30 am)
On Sept. 11th, I attended my first class for the new semester at school. My class on Feminist Fairy Tales began at 9 in the morning. We went through it oblivious of the news, and emerged from the room to find the world had changed. What a dicotomy! From fairy tales to incredible tragedy...

On Sept. 11th, with a sense of hatred I can't even begin to understand, someone opened Pandora's box and unleashed a flood of evil. Now, I feel like a little girl staring at the bottom of the box.

Like everyone else, I am numb. I'm trying not to live in fear. I'd like to DO something but, like Kerrie, I don't weigh enough to even give blood. I'm grasping onto the one thing left in the box, at this point. I wrote "The City of Shoes" in the spirit of hope, in the hope that positive changes eventually come from these terrible events.

Kerrie - keep me posted on your project! I'd like to participate if you are interested, and I also know several artists who would be willing to contribute.

Peace and strenght to us all...

Unregistered User
(9/15/01 10:31:19 am)

You know I have a few poems to "donate."


Your shoe story was so touching! And your remark about Pandora's box, it's so true! Hope, like a little girl, standing at the bottom of the box, waiting to be noticed. . .

Please, if you would like to, or have friends who might want to write a little something for this book, I know Kerrie would appreciate the support. We're gathering up as many poems and thoughts and stories as we can.


Registered User
(9/16/01 9:04:14 am)
Thank you and funds...
Thank you for contributing for this project. I have received contributions also from members of the NE Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

In regards to the funds, I wanted to ask your opinions. Save the Children is one of the groups participating in the Disaster Relief. What are your thoughts on choosing this as our fund for this project?

More to come.

Dandelion wishes,


Registered User
(9/16/01 11:34:43 pm)
Re: Thank you and funds...
Kerrie, I'm sending you a couple of poems. Save the Children sounds like an excellent charity.

Registered User
(9/17/01 5:54:14 am)
More thoughts...
Thanks Terri- unforturnately, my email won't work right now, but I'll read them as soon as it does!

If anyone else would like to contribute, but is not sure of what to write, here are some thoughts:

relate the events to a fairy tale
write a letter
color of death (this was an old topic)
words that have new meanings in the light of recent events
abstract poem focusing on one detail or object
how you feel

If you could also send me bios and anything that may cover you for legalities (Kamui suggested "So-and-So appears courtesy of [this publishing house/agent].").

Other thoughts:

Some thoughts that have been running about are:

how to get this collection out there
how to ensure the funds go straight to the charity we choose (so far Save the Children)
should it be sold online through a website (one of ours, Amazon, B&N, etc)
shpuld an ebook version be sold
how many copies should be printed

And the deadline

Please share all of your thoughts via this board or email as soon as you can. If you know anyone who would like to contribute but doesn't have anything yet, please let me know so I can take it into account when I have a preliminary meeting with Kinkos today.

Dandelion wishes,


Unregistered User
(9/17/01 1:42:17 pm)
I suppose that you are looking from contributions by all the wonderful writers on this board. I am not a writer. But your suggestions got me started on writing down my feelings, my thoughts as well. Just by trying to write down all the conflicting emotions and feelings, I find I can cope better. And I find that I begin to understand what I want to happen now. I want justice. But I realize, too, that I want so much more than that.
If you can use this in any way, please do so. But as I said, just writing it down helped me a lot and I thank you for getting me started. And thank you all out there for sharing, for letting me share.
Best wishes,

„It was, as if our world had come crashing down around us.“ - A phrase. Just a figure of speech. And now the truth, brutal, literal truth. Fire and ash raining from the sky, a fire of anger in every heart, the ash of grief in every soul. How can we deal with this? We are the civilized ones. We are prepared. But we are not prepared. We do not know how to deal with this. Not within our hearts. Not within our souls. We do not know how to deal with the fate – how can it be fate – of the victims. We do not know how to deal with the ones responsible. We can no longer distinguish our neighbours from our enemies. We live door to door with them. We do not know how to deal with that. For the truth is, that we can not distinguish them because they are like us. They are human as we are. They have the same opportunity to choose. To make the final decision. In one day, in one series of terror, we see both opposing decisions made. The hijackers choosing to kill, the passengers aboard the last plane choosing to save the unsuspecting people on the ground. We are alike. What makes one person a killer and the other one a saint? We are confused. We do not know where to turn – with our helplessness, with our retaliation. We have turned away so often – as nations, as persons. Form the ugly writings on the subway-wall. We have been quiet when someone made a racist remark. We have turned away from hunger. We have closed our eyes to war. While we mourn, others still fight. So many dead. So many dead in so many conflicts, so many wars. So much destruction. Here, elsewhere. We have turned away, and now we do not know where to turn to. And still we have no answers. Not for us, not for others. We never had them. But the time is up. We have to find answers.

There are so many questions. More questions then answers. But the answers emerge. There is no longer anyone nation or anyone people alone in this world. No nation can separate itself from the others. No person can turn away from the others. None may turn aside. If there is a conflict, there has to be help. If there is cruelty and crime, justice has to be served. If there is need, it has to be answered. We have to find answers. We have to unite. This is not the East against the West. This is not Islam against Christianity. This is not Good versus Evil. This is fanatism against tolerance, inhumanity against compassion. There has been so much terror. But more then terror, more even than grief, there has been a sense of solidarity. Of unity. We are no longer alone. Let us not step back. Let us not go home. But let us go forward together. Let us take strength, as persons and as a united nations, to do what we have neglected to do before. To care for one another. This world is too small for us to ignore each other. We can not. We will not.

Registered User
(9/17/01 2:18:40 pm)
Re: thoughts

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You say you are not a writer, but you are. I have often thought that because I am SELF-published, I am not a writer, I have no regular audience who will buy my books. But when I see the other poets listen intently at open mic, when I see my coworkers who curiously want to read my writing, when I see my family want to support me, I feel I am a writer. I read intently, I was curious at your intro, I want to support you and this cause. Not too many positive words are being printed right now. Not too many articles show more than talk of war, of anger, of backlash. Yes, we are angry- how could someone do this to us? But why kill more innocents to find one, who may be wrong, but may be one of many wrong people that are elsewhere? This is no easy task. Neither is the search for the right words. The words you expressed, that came from your heart, those are the right words.

And I still insist I am not a writer.

Dandelion wishes,


NOTE- Kamui and I spoke with Kinkos at lunch today, and we were told that it would be either free or 50%- we need to have a mock-up and a copy count before they decide. Ugh. Apparently this idea is not original. However, it is unique and I want to keep trying. One idea I had was a multimedia e-book, which can then definitely be in color, and updated as desired. CDs are really cheap and I have a burner. A link can be provided for further contributions. Other ideas?

Registered User
(9/17/01 6:21:08 pm)
Kerrie -

You can use the letter I posted on this board, if you like. I've also started a poem that I might forward. I think it'll take me a while before I can step back enough to write anything really *good* about this, but what I have so far is gut honesty.


Registered User
(9/19/01 5:35:36 pm)
Brief update...
Thank you, Cory-Ellen- I would be honored to include your letter!

A brief update, if anyone would like to submit any further pieces of writing or art, please let me know by Friday and I will try to create the mock-up Satruday morning. Please send me a bio as well, or a link to a bio you want me to use, soon.

I'll post more later- I'm not feeling too well for some reason, probably from worrying too much.

Dandelion wishes,


Edited by: Kerrie at: 9/21/01 4:41:54 am
Registered User
(9/19/01 9:10:56 pm)
Another relief charity
In case anyone here is interested, Pat Wilshire is conducting an auction of donated art by fantasy and science fiction illustrators on eBay to raise money for the American Red Cross. Here's the info....

From Pat Wilshire:

Beginning Sunday, September 23rd, 2001, I will be orchestrating a
HUGE charity art auction on eBay -- Illustrations of Hope. This series
of auctions will run for several WEEKS and will contain prints and
ORIGINAL PAINTINGS donated by over 40 of the finest illustrators
in the business. All proceeds from the auctions (minus eBay's fees, the
greedy $*!$&!()!) will be donated to the American Red Cross to help
the victims of the September 11th attacks.

Donations are still coming in, but here is a PARTIAL listing of
illustrators who are donating items:

Mark Zug; Jon Foster; Fred Fields; Stephen Hickman; Carol Heyer; Doug Beekman; Jeff
Easley; Tony Szczudlo; rk post; Daniel Horne; Brom; Jill Bauman; Clyde Caldwell; Alan
Pollack; Michael Whelan; Larry Elmore; Gary Ruddell; Keith Parkinson; David Mattingly;
John Berkey; Rebecca Guay; Romas Kukalis; Kevin McCann; Steve Crisp; Rick Berry;
Stephen Daniele; Matt Wilson; Jael; Tony DiTerlizzi; Daren Bader; Joe DeVito; Todd
Lockwood; Jean-Pierre Targete; Terri Windling; Chris Pepper; Bob Eggleton; Kirk Reinert;
David Cherry; Stephen Youll, and James Gurney.

Remember that this is only a PARTIAL listing -- more are coming in
all the time, and MANY (though not all) of these artists are donating
ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. These paintings will be listed with minimum
bids of approximately 25% of standard market value, with NO

Please keep an eye out for the auctions -- they will all be running
under my eBay UserID,


Registered User
(9/21/01 5:01:14 am)
Re: Brief update...
Just thought I'd post thoughts about what will be in the book:

Short stories,
Journal pages/Writing topics
Ways to help/Websites for funds
Ways to show support
Lyrics to America the Beautiful (which I believe is Public Domain)- unless there is strong objection

If anyone else has any ideas, anything else to contribute, please let me know and I'll hold space until you can finish and get things to me. Right now, a limited edition run for auction is being planned, with additional copies for anyone here to order. I'll post the specs and minimum donation suggestion to see what you think. There's always room for more! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. It's like a dream.

Dandelion wishes,


PS- I would love to include the comments and discussions on fairy tales appropriateness, thoughts of hope, etc- I find the simple honesty of sharing with a group of trusted friends to be some of the most profound writing. Let me know if you want me to include your posts and which ones!

Edited by: Kerrie at: 9/21/01 5:48:48 am
Unregistered User
(9/21/01 7:53:12 pm)
Re: Call for Words!
Well, you can include my little post on whether fairy tales are appropriate if you like. If you think it's worth it, that is.

La Reine Noire
Registered User
(9/22/01 9:05:07 am)
As the subject line says, if anything I said re: faery tales and appropriateness under the "City of Shoes" topic is relevant or worthwhile, go ahead.


P.S. Terri, you have my heartfelt sympathies.

Registered User
(10/16/01 6:14:29 pm)
Attn: Contributors! Bios...
I am nearly done, I just need bios from the following people if they want to give me a few lines:

Cory-Ellen Nadel
Jen Galvin

If not, I'll just add to a list of Other Contributors. Also, please send me your email addresses so I can just use mass-email for the rest of the project!

Back to regular board use...

Forest frosts,


Edited by: Kerrie at: 10/17/01 6:49:22 am

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