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Heidi Anne Heiner
(12/30/01 10:52:31 pm)
Sneak Peeks and editorial help
Hello all,

Here is a sneak peak of the pages I have been working on. I really need help checking my list of modern interpretations. The rest of the areas for these tales are not ready, but please look over the lists on the following links and see if I have made any glaring omissions.

Note: Only the "Modern Interpretations" pages for these tales are 'finished.' You can go to some of the other links, but they are not complete and do not require editorial assistance quite yet.


Six Swans

Princess and the Pea

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Also, I finally changed and updated the Jack and the Beanstalk area from the old, old design. The modern interpretations there also need to be checked. Please feel free to check these, too!

Jack and the Beanstalk



Registered User
(12/31/01 5:49:39 am)
Re: Sneak Peeks and editorial help
Heidi: There was a really dark version of Goldilocks by Barry Malzberg and Kathe Koja that Ellen Datlow published in the horror half of one of the Year's Best volumes. I'll find the reference for you. Did I ever giveyou a list of all the fairy tale material in the various Year's Best books?

Unregistered User
(1/1/02 5:27:04 am)
more questions
Also wondered if you knew my B &the B short story, ""The Gift of the Magicians With Apologies to You Know Who."


Registered User
(1/1/02 10:28:47 am)
Princess and the Pea
Not having seen the show, of course I'm not sure, but isn't Once Upon a Mattress a stage show based on P & P?

Unregistered User
(1/1/02 2:24:40 pm)
Yes it is.

It is amusing, charming, and unassuming.


Unregistered User
(1/2/02 12:24:33 pm)
Beauty and the Beast and Mattress

No, I didn't know about that story. Where is it in print so I can add it? And look for it to read!


I haven't ever seen "Once Upon a Mattress" but I am adding it to the Princess and the Pea pages. I have the graphics for it, just not the citation. Thanks for the reminder!


Unregistered User
(1/2/02 3:03:10 pm)
Gift of Magicians
In the F&SF Sept 1992. Been reprinted a couple of times but somehow is not in the database.


Unregistered User
(1/2/02 5:16:13 pm)
Jack and the Beanstalk
I'm not sure if you'll want to add this to your Jack and the Beanstalk page, or not, but there's a jazz musician, Wayne Shorter, who composed some pieces he said were inspired by folklore and legend, and one of them is called Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum. You can probably find the cd on Amazon--it's called "Speak No Evil."

Richard Parks
Registered User
(1/3/02 9:38:11 am)
Re: Sneak Peeks and editorial help
Were you looking for examples of other modern interpretations other than the ones you have listed?

Heidi Anne Heiner
(1/3/02 10:29:34 am)
Re: Sneak Peeks and editorial help
Yes, I am always looking for modern interpretations for any of the tales on my site or other ones since I plan to add more tales in the future and am keeping a notebook now.

And the jazz musician information is perfect. My music knowledge is very limited in the scheme of things.

Please share!



Richard Parks
Registered User
(1/3/02 12:33:06 pm)
Re: Sneak Peeks and editorial help
Well, to be totally self-serving, there's:

Fairy Tales:

"Thy Golden Stair" in Twice Upon a Time (The DAW Books anthology) (Rapunzel)

"The Ogre's Wife," Sf Age, November 1995 (Beauty and the Beast)

Myths and Legends:

"The Right Sort of Flea," Realms of Fantasy, April 1997 (Beowulf)
"The Trickster's Wife," Realms of Fantasy, Feb. 2001 (Sigyn and Loki)
"Kallisti," Realms of Fantasy (Sched. April 2002), (The Judgment of Paris)

Unregistered User
(1/3/02 1:07:58 pm)
Not self-serving!
I only knew about "Thy Golden Stair" which I do have listed on Rapunzel--she sighs with relief.

The other stories had escaped my attention, so far. Short stories can be elusive buggers.

Thanks for the heads up!


Registered User
(1/4/02 6:38:27 am)
Re: Not self-serving!
Heidi, here's fairy tale material published in Year's Best. (There's also a *lot* of stories using myth and folklore material, as well as original adult fairy tales, but I haven't included those here...the list would be too long...)

Volume 14, 2001:
Gretel in Berkley by Eve Sweetser (poem) - Hansel and Gretel
The Crone by Delia Sherman (poem) - about crone figures in fairy tales
Little Red Cap by Carol Ann Duffy (poem) -- Red Riding Hood
The Thousandth Night by Donelle R. Ruwe (poem) -- Arabian Nights
Mr. Simonelli or the Fairy Widower by Susanna Clarke - Midwife to the Fairies
Bones by Francesca Lia Block -- Bluebeard
An Earthly Mother Sits and Sings by John Crowley -- The Grey Selchie of Sule Skerry
(okay, it's a ballad, not a tale...)

Volume 13, 2000:
Carabosse by Delia Sherman (poem) -- Sleeping Beauty
Toad by Patricia McKillip -- The Frog Prince
Grandmother by Laurence Syndal (poem) -- Red Riding Hood
The Beast by Bill Lewis (poem) -- Beauty and the Beast
The Hedge by Bill Lewis (poem) -- Sleeping Beauty

Volume 12, 1999:
Travels With the Snow Queen by Kelly Link -- The Snow Queen
Mrs. Beast by Carol Ann Duffy -- Beauty and the Beast (and other tales)
Cold by A.S. Byatt -- The Glass Coffin

Volume 11, 1998:
The Tale of the Skin by Emma Dongohue -- Donkeyskin
Beauty and the Beast by Jaimes Alsop (poem) -- B & B
The Black Fairy's Curse by Karen Joy Fowler -- Sleeping Beauty
Princess by Matthew Sweeney (poem) -- Sleeping Beauty

Volume 10, 1997:
The Reason for Not Going to the Ball by Tanith Lee - Cinderella
Rapunzel's Exile by Lisa Russ Spar -- Rapunzel
Ursus Triad, Later by Kathe Koja and Barry Malzberg -- Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Cruel Sisters by Patricia C. Wrede -- Cruel Sister (British ballad)

Volume 9, 1996:
Three animal bride/bridegroom poems:
Swan/Princess by Jane Yolen
The Girl Who Married the Reindeer by Eilean Ni Chuilleanain
The Otter Woman by Mary O'Malley
The Granddaughter by Vivian Vande Velde -- Little Red Riding Hood

Volume 8, 1995:
Words Like Pale Stones by Nancy Kress -- Rumplestiltskin
Marchen by Jane Yolen (poem)
The Best Things in Life by Leonora Champagne -- Cinderella and Snow White, mostly
Mending Souls by Judith Tarr -- The Elves and the Shoemaker
Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman -- Snow White

Volume 7, 1994:
The Poacher by Ursula K. Le Guin -- Sleeping Beauty
Knives by Jane Yolen (poem) -- The Little Mermaid
One Night, or Scheherazade's Bare Minimum by Thomas M. Disch -- Arabian Nights
The Erl-King by Elizabeth Hand -- The Erl King
The Snow Queen by Patricia McKillip -- The Snow Queen
Troll-Bridge by Neil Gaiman -- Three Billygoats Gruff
The Wealth of Kingdoms (An Inflationary Tale) by Daniel Hood -- Jack and the Beanstalk

[I'm missing volumes 5 and 6, sorry. Perhaps someone else here has those volumes?]

Volume 4, 1991:
Sonata: For Two Friends in Different Times of the Same Trouble by Ellen Kushner (poem) -- Cinderella
Midwife to the Fairies by Eilis Ni Dhuibhne -- Midwife to the Fairies
Ashputtle, or, the Mother's Ghost by Angela Carter -- Cinderella
The Story of Little Briar-Rose, A Scholarly Study by R.A. Lafferty -- Sleeping Beauty
The Waiting Wolf by Gwen Strauss (poem) -- Red Riding Hood
The Beast by Gwen Strauss (poem) -- B & B

Volume 3, 1990:
Hansel's Finger by Leif Enger -- Hansel and Gretel
White as Sin, Now by Tanith Lee -- Snow White
Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary by Jane Yolen (poem) -- B & B
Sleepside Story by Greg Bear -- Sleeping Beauty

Volume 2, 1989:
Secretly by Ruth Roston (poem) -- Jack and the Beanstalk
The Last Poem about the Snow Queen by Sandra M. Gilbert (poem) -- The Snow Queen
Seal-Self by Sara Maitland -- selchie tales
Your Story by Rick DeMarinis -- Hansel and Gretel

Volume 1, 1988:
Ever After by Susan Palwick -- Cinderella
Once Upon a Time, She Said by Jane Yolen (poem)
The Maid on the Shore by Delia Sherman -- The Maid on the Shore (British ballad)

Fee, Fie, Foe, et Cetera by Gregory Maguire -- Jack and the Beanstalk

Jane Yolen
Unregistered User
(1/4/02 7:54:34 am)
5th and 6th

Vivian, story, Midori Snyder, Robin Hood
Queen Christina and the Windsurfer, story, Alison Fell, Little Mermaid
Our Lady of the Harbour, story, CHarles deLint, Litttle Mermaid
Gwydion and the Dragons, story, C/ J. Cherryh, Welsh dragons
A Story ust Be Held, poem, Jane Yolen, Mr. Fox/Bluebeard varients
The Ogre's Wife, story, Pierrette Fleutiaux, uses Red Riding Hood as well as Jack in the BEanstalk, Jack the Giant Killer, and Thumbkin variants


The Bone Woman, story, Charles de Lint, Mexican folk figure La Hueresa
Tree of Life, Book of Death, Grania Davis, Jewish folklore, Golem, and The Snow Queen
Will, poem, Jane Yolen, Red Ridinghood

Unregistered User
(1/4/02 5:19:59 pm)
My fairy tales
It suddenly occurred to me, after sending that, that Gift of the Magiicians is also in my SISTER EMILY'S LIGHTSHIP (Tor) and then I thought--most of the stories in that are fairy tale related.

The Traveler and the Tale--uses "Dinner in an Eggshell" English fairy story
Snow in Summer--is Snow White--Applachian style
Thirteenth Fey is Sleeping Beauty
Granny Rumple is Rumplestiltskin
Sleep of Tress is about Diana the Hunter
Sister Death is the Lilith story
Belle Bloody Merciless Dame is the poem Belle Dame Sans Merci but also any Poison Damsel/
Serpent Wife story
Under the Hill is a leprachaun meets Damon Runyan mob story
Godmother Death is the Godfather Death story
Alleleriauh is the incest variant of Cinderella, Donkeyskin
Sun/Flight is Icarus
Dick W and His @#%$; or Tess and Her Adequate Dick is Dick Whittington of course
Lost Girls is Peter Pan

The rest are fantasy stories but not attached to any specific fairy tale.


Registered User
(1/6/02 8:16:54 am)
Dahl's Revloting Rhymes
Roald Dahl has some fun "Revolting Rhyme" versions of Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and others. I don't have a link for his work but I'm sure there's one out there. There is also an anthology of his work that has many of the poems in them.

Warmest wishes,

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