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Unregistered User
(5/10/02 10:52:29 am)
retold fairy tales
i am looking for fairy tale retellings. such as robin mckinley's beauty and spindels end, donna jo napoli's zel and crazy jack, and others like them. however i have already read all the books by both of these authers. any one know of any others fairy tale retellings?

Laura McCaffrey
Registered User
(5/10/02 3:31:39 pm)
re: retold fairy tales

The moderator of this site has a wonderful site, called Sur La Lune, that has a great reading list. Try this link -

To mention a few -
(I want to say someone Pope is the author, the name is currently escaping me.) The Perilous Guard, a retelling of Tam Lin.

I'm reading Juliet Marillier's Daughter of the Forest right now and enjoying it. This is a retelling of the Six Swans.


Registered User
(5/15/02 4:54:37 pm)
Re: re: retold fairy tales
Yes, this site is great for listing retellings. And Laura, you're right, it's Elizabeth Marie Pope who wrote _The Perilous Gard_.

As it happens, I'm writing my dissertation on fairy tale retellings for young adults, so I have a very extensive list of these. Some are YA, some are definitely adult; here's a few novels:

Argueto, _Little Red Riding Hood in the Red Light District_
Banks, _Melusine: A Mystery_
Barthelme, _Snow White_
Block, _Weetzie Bat_
___, _I Was a Teenage Fairy_
___, _The Hanged Man_
Briggs, _Kate Crackernuts_
Brust, _The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars_
Card, _Enchantment_
Carroll, _Sleeping in Flame_
Cherryh, _Rusalka_
Coover, _Briar Rose_
Cross, _Wolf_
Dalkey, _The Nightingale_
Dean, _Tam Lin_
___, _Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary_
Doherty, _Daughter of the Sea_
Ellis, _Fairy Tale_
Faldbakken, _Sleeping Prince_
Farjeon, _The Silver Curlew_
___, The Glass Slipper_
Fletcher, _Shadow Spinner_
Frost, _Fitcher's Brides_ (not yet published)
Garner, _The Owl Service_
___, _Red Shift_
___, _Elidor_
Geras, _The Tower Room_
___, _Watching the Roses_
___, _Pictures in the Night_
Gordon, _Changeling_
___, _Thorn_
___, _Wildwood_
Gray, _The Seventh Swan_
Haddix, _Just Ella_
Hamilton, _The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl_
Hoffman, _Aquamarine_
Ibbotson, _Which Witch?_
Johnson, _The Fox Woman_
Jones, _Fire and Hemlock_
Katzenbach, _The Analyst_
Kernaghan, _The Snow Queen_
Kerr, _The Wild Swans_
Kindl, _Goose Chase_
Kushner, _Thomas the Rhymer_
Lackey, _The Fire Rose_
___, _Black Swan_
___, _The Eagle and the Nightingales_
___, _Firebird_
___, _Gates of Sleep_
___, _Phoenix and Ashes_
___, _The Serpent's Shadow_
Lee, _White as Snow_
Levine, _Ella Enchanted_
de Lint, _Jack of Kinrowan_
Maguire, _Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister_
Mahy, _The Changeover_
___, _The Tricksters_
___, _The Other Side of Silence_
Masson, _Carabas_
___, _Clementine_
___, _Cold Iron_
McCaughrean, _The Stones are Hatching_
McKillip, _Winter Rose_
___, _Something Rich and Strange_
Middleton, _Grimms' Last fairytale_
Murphy, _Silver Woven in my Hair_
Osborne, _Haunted Waters_
Pollack, _Godmother Night_
Pratchett, _Witches Abroad_
___, _Lords and Ladies_
Pullman, _I was a Rat!_
___, _Clockwork_
Rushdie, _Haroun and the Sea of Stories_
Rushforth, _Kindergarten_
Sherman, _The Porcelain Dove_
Snyder, _The Flight of Michael McBride_
Springer, _Fair Peril_
Synge, _Swan's Wing_
Tepper, _Beauty_
Wilson, _The Coachman Rat_
Wilson, S., _Beauty_
Windling, _Moon Wife_
Wrede, _Snow White and Rose Red_
Yolen, Briar Rose_

And these are some collections:
Bernheimer, _Mirror, Mirror on the Wall_
Block, _The Rose and the Beast_
Byatt, _The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye_
Carter, _The Bloody Chamber_
Datlow and Windling, eds., _Snow White, Blood Red_
___, _Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears_
___, _Black Thorn, White Rose_
___, _Silver Birch, Blood Moon_
___, _Black Swan, White Raven_
___, _Black Heart, Ivory Bones_
___, _A Wolf at the Door_
Donoghue, _Kissing the Witch_
Galloway, _Truly Grimm Tales_
Lee, _Red as Blood_
Little, _Twice Upon a Time_
Park and Heaton, eds., _Caught in a Story_
Silverman, _Mirror Mirror_
Vande Velde, _The Rumpelstiltskin Problem_
___, _Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird_
Windling, _The Armless Maiden_
Yolen, _The Faery Flag_
Zipes, _Don't Bet on the Prince_
___, _The Outspoken Princess and the Gentle Night_
___, _Spells of Enchantment_

Unregistered User
(5/16/02 12:38:45 pm)
That's nice, I see the Mirror, Mirror collection listed under anthologies! Thanks. Incidentally, I also have a novel, The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold, which includes retellings of German, Yiddish and Russian tales. It is not aimed at young adult readers, but I have done a couple of high school residencies where the students have read the novel, and grasped (and liked) it! Not to bang my own teakettle, as my grandmother would say . . .

Registered User
(5/23/02 9:14:51 pm)

Re: Thanks
I read the Juliet Marillier trilogy and loved it. The Wild Swans is one of my favorite fairy tales. Tanith Lee does some really great retellings as well. White as Snow and I believe she did Deerskin as well are both very good retellings.

Heidi Anne Heiner
(5/24/02 9:00:55 am)
Re: Thanks
Actually, Robin McKinley wrote Deerskin, another one of the best authors for novel length fairy tale retellings.


Unregistered User
(7/3/02 1:47:00 pm)
any more
any one know of any more

Jane Yolen
Unregistered User
(7/4/02 2:33:08 am)
Actually, except for the title story, FAERY FLAG is not an anthology of retellings. But the following of my collections are:

NOT ONE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS (YA, female hero tales)
THE FISH PRINCE and other Merman stories (YA and adult)
ONCE UPON A BEDTIME STORY (for younger children)
MIRROR, MIRROR: 40 FOlktales for Mothers and Daughters to Share
FAVORITE FOLKTALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD (an anthology, but not retold)

and upcoming:

MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD (YA--boy heroes using wits and not swords)
MEOW (for young children--cat folk tales)
FAIRY TALE FEASTS (children's cookbook with retold fairy tales)
and possibly a stories-from-the-ballets book


Registered User
(7/5/02 3:54:51 am)
re: any more
Donald Barthelme "Snow White"
Neil Gaiman "Snow, Glass Apples"
Anne Sexton "Transformations"

... of course none of these are particularly suited for children.

Registered User
(7/5/02 6:21:29 am)
Re: re: any more
Rebecca Lickiss 'Never After' (newly released)

Catja listed 'Moon Wife' by Terri Windling....That is not yet released, correct?

Edited by: doris at: 7/5/02 6:23:56 am
Unregistered User
(7/22/02 3:02:37 pm)
Mercedes Lackey
The sleeping serpent
THe fire rose
the black swan

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