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Registered User
(8/17/03 10:33 am)
fairy novels, anyone?
I'm compiling a list of fairy novels (in order to create a recommended reading list at the back of an anthology), and I'm looking for recommendations. What I need are novels specifically involving fairies (as in the creatures, a.k.a "faeries"), not fairy-less fairy tales, if you get my drift.

Here are a handful of titles I've started with, in no particularly order:

Adult publications:

The King of Elfland's Daughter by Lord Dunsany
Kingdoms of Elfin by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Little, Big by John Crowley
Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner
Stardust by Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess
The Flight of Michael McBride by Midori Snyder
War for the Oaks by Emma Bull
Tam Lin by Pamela Dean
Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones
The Jack of Kinrowan by Charles de Lint
The Little Country by Charles de Lint
The Wild Wood by Charles de Lint
Winter Rose by Patricia McKillip
Something Rich and Strange by Patricia McKillip
The Dreaming Tree by C.J. Cherryh
The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson
A Midsummer's Tempest by Poul Anderson
Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon by Lisa Goldstein
The Last Born of Elvinwood by Linda Haldeman
Ill Met By Moonlight by Sara A. Hoyt
All Night Awake by Sara A. Hoyt
Foxwife by Kij Johnson
Photographing Faeries by Steve Szilagyi

Young adult publications:
Hannah's Garden by Midori Snyder
Tithe by Holly Black
The Moorchild by Eloise McGraw
The Folk Keeper by Fran Billingsley
The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope
The Faery Flag (stories) by Jane Yolen

I know there are others...any thoughts?

I'm also curious to know which *contemporary* artists who paint, sculpt, photograph or otherwise depict fairies that you considered to be among the best.

I'd start off, as I think many people would, with Alan Lee, Brian and Wendy Froud, and Charles Vess. I know a lot of people also like the photographer Suza Scalora and the illustrators Michael Hague, James Christensen, and Amy Brown. Other favorites?

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Registered User
(8/17/03 1:39 pm)
Fairy tale illustrators to also include: Ruth Sanderson, Gary Lippincott, Dennis Nolan, Lauren Mills.


Heidi Anne Heiner
(8/17/03 2:34 pm)
Re: Depends...

The Grey Horse
by R. A. MacAvoy

Daughter of the Forest
by Juliet Marillier

Young Adult:

I Was a Teenage Fairy
by Francesca Lia Block

Artemis Fowl (series)
by Eoin Colfer (this crosses over between children's and YA)

The Faerie Wars
by Herbie Brennan


The Fairy Rebel
by Lynne Reid Banks

Spiderwick Chronicles series
by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi

Ella Enchanted
by Gail Carson Levine

Nonfiction for a younger audience, but great for all:

The Little People: Stories of Fairies, Pixies, and Other Small Folk
by Philip Neil--lots of illustrations in this one

There's more, but those just came off the top of my head...


Heidi Anne Heiner
(8/17/03 2:44 pm)
Re: fairy novels, anyone?
More YA before I forget:

A Dark Horn Blowing
by Dahlov Ipcar

Fire and Hemlock
by Diana Wynne Jones

Shadow Castle
by Marian Cockrell

And didn't Gael Baudino and Kristine Kathryn Rusch have some fantasy fey series, probably out of print now, for adults?


Registered User
(8/17/03 4:04 pm)
Re: The Fey Series by Kristine Katherine Rusch?
Still available through Amazon:

The Sacrifice: The First Book of the Fey
The Changeling: The Second Book of the Fey
The Rival: The Third Book of the Fey
The Resistance: The Fourth Book of the Fey
Victory: The Final Book of the Fey

Unregistered User
(8/17/03 5:07 pm)
Faerie Tale -- Raymond E. Feist

Laura McCaffrey
Registered User
(8/17/03 5:12 pm)
Since Heidi Mentioned those...
I wasn't sure if you wanted fairy tales with fairies - more fairy than faery, if you know what I mean - but since Heidi mentioned Ella Enchanted:

McKinley's Spindle's End (children's/YA)

I have a feeling I know of others of this sort - did Kindle's Goose Chase have fairies? I'm a bit tired and it's been a while since I read it.

Also, de Lint's recent collection of short stories, Waifs and Strays, might be worth considering. Some of the Borderland stories are in there.

Laura Mc

Unregistered User
(8/17/03 5:39 pm)
A few more...
Phantastes - George MacDonald
The Wandering Unicorn - Manuel Mujica Lainez
Puck of Pook's Hill - Kipling

The titles in the Gael Baudino series are:
Strands of Starlight
Maze of Moonlight
Shroud of Shadow
Strands of Sunlight

Registered User
(8/18/03 2:03 am)
Re: A few more...
My book FAIRIES' RING (short stories, poems).
Picture books TAM LIN one by me, one by Susan Cooper.
Several picture books by Lauren Mills and Dennis Nolan, whose names escape me. (FAIRY WINGS perhaps?)
My alphabet book with Lauren Mills--ELFABET.
My rhymed picture book with Jane Dyer: CHILD OF FAERIE/CHILD OF EARTH.

My children's novel: BOOTS & THE SEVEN LEAGUERS: A Rock and Troll novel, which has a fairy named Windling. How could you miss that one?


Registered User
(8/18/03 8:34 am)
Re: A few more...
Not sure if I understand the definition of "faeries," but here are some titles that may fit:

When Fox is a Thousand, by Larissa Lai
The Palm Wine Drinkard, by Amos Tutuola
The Feather Woman of the Jungle, by Amos Tutuola
Briar Rose, by Robert Coover
Bridge of Birds, by Barry Hughart
The Water of Possibility, by Hiromi Goto
The Kappa Child, by Hiromi Goto
The Harem of Aman Akbar, by Elizabeth Scarborough

Registered User
(8/18/03 9:59 am)
fairy novels
The Hounds of the Morrigan by Pat O'Shea
The Stones are Hatching by Geraldine McCaughrean

Both are children's books.

(8/18/03 10:37 am)
Re: fairy novels, anyone?
Here are some recommendations I had as part of a handout and media display when my (former) division had a cube decorating contest (That's Entertainment)- I did a double feature inspired by Fairy Tale: A True Story and Photographing Fairies. (I also have film and music recs if you want those.)

Further Recommendations for Fairy Tale: A True Story and Photographing Fairies

Books: (picture books, art books, YA, nonfiction, etc.)

Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book by Terry Jones, Brian Froud (Illustrator)
The Fairies: Photographic Evidence of the Existence of Another World by Suza Scalora (Photographer)
Good Faeries, Bad Faeries : 2 Books in 1 by Brian Froud (Preface), Terri Windling (Editor)
The Winter Child by Terri Windling (author), Wendy Froud (dolls), Brian Froud (art direction), John Lawrence Jones (photographer),
A Midsummer Night’s Faery Tale by Terri Windling, Wendy Froud, John Lawrence Jones
William Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream : Love Makes Fools of Us All by William Shakespeare, Michael Hoffman
Fairy Spells : Seeing and Communicating With the Fairies
by Claire Nahmad
Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane
The Gold Dust Letters (Investigators of the Unknown, Book 1)
by Janet Taylor Lisle
Afternoon of the Elves by Janet Taylor Lisle
A Witch’s Guide to Fairy Folk : Reclaiming Our Working Relationship With Invisible Helpers by Edain McCoy
Enchantment of the Faerie Realm : Communicate With Nature Spirits and Elementals by Ted Andrews

And for a few artist recommendations:


Silke Janas-Schlösser Faeryfolk Gallery (I have her Little Hope #2 from one of the Sept. 11th auctions)

Kim Turner

Jessica Galbreth

Marc Potts

James Brown

Susan Snodgrass

Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly (some may remember her as Maeve on TV's Adventures of Sinbad)

And for a large selection of artists:


Hope some of this helps- I'll try to think of more...

Dandelion wishes,


Registered User
(8/18/03 10:39 am)
fairy books
Two more children's books...

The Boggart by Susan Cooper
I am Morgan Le Fey by Nancy Springer

I have a seven page annotated booklist of children's fairy books that I made for my library. I would be happy to send it to you if you are interested.

Registered User
(8/18/03 10:47 am)
fairy novels
Oh, and the Laura Hamilton faerie books starting with A Kiss of Shadows. Those, of course, are for adults.

Heather KT
Registered User
(8/18/03 11:06 am)
Re: fairy novels
And don't forget...

Diane Duane, Stealing the Elf-king's Roses
Tad Williams, The War of the Flowers
James Hetley, The Summer Country
Graham Joyce, The Tooth Fairy (mentioned already?)

Sally Prue, Cold Tom
Michael Chabon, Summerland
Emily Rodda, Fairy Realm series
Terry Pratchett, Wee Free Men

Heather Tomlinson

Registered User
(8/18/03 10:37 am)
Re: fairy novels
For this list, I'm specifically looking for novels, either for adults or young adults, nothing younger. (Though I'll make an exception for The Faery Flag and Kingdom of Elfin because all the stories in those books are about faeries.)

I'm not going to put *everything* on the list, because there are some books I don't like well enough to recommend (I'll name no names here!) But I really appreciate all these suggestions, many of which are useful and have me smacking my forehead saying: How could I have forgotten that one?

Edited by: Terri at: 8/18/03 10:42 am
Ron McCutchan
Unregistered User
(8/18/03 5:01 pm)
Don't forget Tony DiTerlizzi! I'm also partial to Omar Rayyan, though I'm not sure I see him as a fairy guy--though he'd definitely do a whiz job at it!

Rebecca Guay does nice poster-y, Pre-Raphaelite-y stuff.

Registered User
(8/19/03 3:15 am)
Other artists:

Charles van Sandwyck
Stephen Mackey

Don't know if it 'counts', but a few illustrators of children's books that feature fairies:

David Christiana
Trina Schart Hyman
Patricia Ludlow
Lauren Mills
Dennis Nolan
Richard Hull

And not 'illustrated' per se, but "Fairie-ality", from the House of Ellwand is delightful.

What anthology will your list be in, can you say?


Kim Turner
Registered User
(8/19/03 4:32 am)
My favourite topic : )

I would love to add "The Art of Faery" to the list of artists, as it features some of the best contemporary faerie artists/illustrators (and I think I am as lucky as anything to be in amongst them!) I am not sure exactly when it will be out, but it cannot be too far off now - maybe a couple of weeks at most. It will also have links to each artist's website. Thanks to Kerrie for the link above, that was a nice surprise

Marilyn Radzat is a great faerie artist, I love her style.

and another favourite illustrator is Nati at
hers is a really unique style.

And an old fave is Ida Rentoul Outhwaite.

Kind regards

Kim Turner

Registered User
(8/19/03 6:05 am)
Re: Faeries
I am doing a stories-from-the-ballet book with Rebecca Guay. Love her work. Want to do a graphic novel with her.


Registered User
(8/19/03 1:58 pm)
Re: Faeries
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Lewis Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno stories, though these are probably more for a younger readers. And admittedly they are, in my opinion, not as good as his more well known works.

I can't wait to check out this anthology you're working on.

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