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Author Comment
Registered User
(4/12/02 5:16:31 am)
Upcoming Publications
In response to Tara's request elsewhere, I'll start a thread for this topic, which anyone can add to as they publish anything, fiction, non-fiction, poetry.

So, I'll blow my own horn first: I have a novelette in the May issue of Asimov's Magazine, "Madonna of the Maquiladora." Not, I hope, your average science fiction story.


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Jane Yolen
Unregistered User
(4/12/02 5:48:02 am)
My stuff
Hmmm--well, I have out this spriong of interest to fairy tale lovers: THE BEGPIPER'S GHOST, book three of the Tartan Magic series for kids; as well as HIPPOLYTA & THE CURSE OF THE AMAZONS, book two of the Young Heroes series. The picture book FIREBIRD will be out later this spring.

In the Fall I have a YA novel, GIRL IN A CAGE, which is an historical about Robert the Bruce's daughter.

2003: SWORD OF THE RIGHTFUL KING, an Arthurian novel for YAs. A Baba Yaga picture book called THE FLYING WITCH. A boys collection (companion to NOT ONE DAMSEL) being called KNIGHTS WITHOUT ARMOR--13 folk tales retold.


Registered User
(4/12/02 7:03:01 am)
Re: My stuff
Most recently for me were The Winter Child, a picture book with artist Wendy Froud (Simon & Schuster), and an essay in Meditations From Middle-Earth, a book of Tolkien essays edited by Karen Haber (St Martins).
Upcoming are two anthologies, edited with Ellen Datlow:
The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest, from Viking in May.
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Volume 15, from St. Martins this summer.
I also have an essay in the new Random House edition of Kate's Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales, coming out in June. And very proud to be in it, too!
And there's a new edition of Sirens, the "erotic fantasy" anthology I edited with Ellen, coming out from HarperCollins this year with a *much* better cover.

At the moment I'm completing a new children's faery book with Wendy Froud, The Faeries of Spring Cottage, which will come out from Simon & Schuster next spring, and a sequel to A Wolf at the Door with Ellen Datlow also for S & S, which is tentatively being called My Swan Sister and Other Retold Fairy Tales. Also working on the "Fairy Tales" series of novels for Tor, with novels forthcoming from Greg (2002) and Midori (2003).
And various other things.

Greg's story is Asimov is a kick ass piece, by the way. Well worth seeking out.

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Jane Yolen
Unregistered User
(4/12/02 7:37:31 am)
Having just picked up my mail, I have to add that in the new KNIGHTS FANTASTIC, (a paperback, looks terrific!) edited by Martin Greenberg, my son Adam Stemple and I have a song about Charlemagne's femal knight, Bradamante. Words and music.

And I have a poem in Terri's Green Man collection, and a story in her new children's anthology.


Richard Parks
Registered User
(4/12/02 7:56:13 am)
Reprints Resplendent
Wow. Lots of neat stuff coming out. I've got a lot to look for.

For mine own part:

Out now:


Coming Soon:

"A Place to Begin" in YEAR'S BEST FANTASY #2, ed. By David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, due out in July.

THE OGRE'S WIFE and Other Fairy Tales for Grownups, my first collection of stories, due out in August from Obscura Press, with a lovely introduction by Parke Godwin.

More things in the pipe, but no solid dates for those yet.

Charles Vess
Unregistered User
(4/12/02 8:29:30 am)
Up and coming books
Most recent:
        ROSE a 130 page fully painted graphic novel from Cartoon Books written by Jeff Smith. If it were prose, this would be placed in the YA section of your bookstore. The tale features two sisters (Rose and Briar) , dragons (both wise and evil), and the dire machinations of the ancient foe of this land, The Lord of the Locusts.
        The Terri Windling, Ellen Datlow anthology, THE GREEN MAN, TALES FROM THE MYTHIC FOREST with short stories and poems by a wonderful selection of writers (several of which are on this board) and features a cover as well as approx. 20 b/w interior decorations by me.
Very immeninent:
        SEVEN WILD SISTERS an original novella written by Charles de Lint and featuring a painted cover and 21 b/w illustrations (endpapers, title page design, chapter headings and 9 full page illustrations) in a s&n limited edition from Subterranean Press.

        A CIRCLE OF CATS, a 48 page children's picture book (my first!), written by de Lint and published by Viking. It shares the same setting as well as one of the characters as the novella above: rural Virginia, WAY back in the "hollers".
        A STORM OF SWORDS. A VERY profusely illustrated edition of the George R.R. Martin bestseller in a s&n limited edition from Meisha Merlin Press.
        SKADE, a Nordic Saga set to prose by Rob Walton and illustrated in b/w with a painted cover. To be published by Top Shelf Books.
        THE GREAT SELCHIE OF SULE SKERRIE, the Scottish ballad adapted by Jane Yolen into graphic novel form and drawn by me. When it's done I will find a publishing home for it.
        Assorted covers for Tor Books.
        And on it goes...

Unregistered User
(4/12/02 11:16:12 am)
Smaller publications upcoming from me, which are sort of embarrassing to list after all of your books, novellas and such, but I'm early in my publishing attempts . . .! Forgive me.

A short tale in the forthcoming issue of 3rd bed, a good new literary journal from Rhode Island;
A short tale based on a Yiddish fairy tale, interpreted with music and visuals, in Born Magazine (available online at;
A perverse little tale called "Star Wars Tale" forthcoming in A GALAXY NOT TOO FAR AWAY: 25 YEARS OF WRITERS AND ARTISTS ON STAR WARS (ed. Glenn Kenny, Henry Holt 2002);
Review essay of BEASTS by Joyce Carol Oates, in the next issue of Marvels & Tales: The Journal of Fairy Tale Studies.

Also, as mentioned above, an expanded second edition of MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL: WOMEN WRITERS EXPLORE THEIR FAVORITE FAIRY TALES (Anchor June 2002), which includes lovely new essays by Terri Windling, Midori Snyder, Ursula Le Guin, and Carole Maso. I also heavily retooled the introduction based on many of the comments I read here on this board. Thank you for those insights, all.

(I hope to have a second novel--The Complete Tales of Merry Gold--to list here within the year.)

Unregistered User
(4/12/02 3:13:41 pm)
my list
O.k...let's see, Kate mentioned I have an essay "Monkey Girl" in the revised edition of MIRROR MIRROR--for which I have to thank Kate so much for giving me the chance to be included! I have a short story, "Charlie's Away" in the GREENMAN ANTHOLOGY--edited by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow--by the way I got an email from Sharyn November of Viking Press with the first review from the galley--and it's really a great review--something to hang up on the fridge! I have recently sold to Terri and Ellen a short story called "Golden Fur" to go into the second volume of fairy tales for younger readers. This June or July, my YA novel HANNAH'S GARDEN is coming out along with my Oran trilogy ("New Moon," "Sadar's Keep," and "Beldan's Fire") which Viking is reprinting with gorgeous covers!

Laura McCaffrey
Unregistered User
(4/12/02 4:35:55 pm)
small addition
Hey all,
Such fabulous new titles to put on my must-reads list.

My small addition won't be out for a year, but I'll mention it now and then when it actually is out. ALIA WAKING will be on Clarion's spring 2003 list. It's a fantasy for ages 10 and up about a girl and her closest friend who've always wanted to be keentens, warrior women, but as the girls try to win the keenten's acceptance their relationship is jeopardized.

Kate - you mentioned once that you may be interested in reviewing my book. If you still are interested, please contact me off list - (Eliminate the nospam of course!

Laura Mc

Registered User
(4/12/02 5:42:31 pm)
Realms of Fantasy ...
My first in-print publication has just come out - an essay in the Folkroots column of Realms of Fantasy, entitled "Donkeyskin, Deerskin, Allerleirauh: the Reality of the Fairy Tale." It concerns modern renditions of AT tale type 510B by Terri, Jane, and Robin McKinley - an expanded version is up in the Forum of the Endicott Studio site. Now I just have to work up the courage to send out *other* articles ... rather like a merry-go-round, this publishing business. Makes your head spin a bit, but you don't want to get off the ride.

Claudia Carlson
Unregistered User
(4/13/02 6:20:17 am)
Congratulations to all!
The anthology I've co-edited with Jeanne Marie Beaumont will be coming in Spring 2003 from Story Line Press. THE POETS' GRIMM: 20th CENTURY POEMS FROM GRIMM FAIRY TALES, collects over 150 poets including poems written by people familiar to this board: Jane Yolen, Terri Windling, Neil Gaiman and Emma Bull. It features a huge variety of voices and forms. I've loved working on it!

The publisher has given me the go-ahead to also design the book (I'm a senior book designer at Oxford University Press) and I'm working on first pages and a cover!

And...There will be a benefit reading for the publisher, STORY LINE PRESS (a non-profit literary press), at POETS HOUSE April 18th 7:30 pm $15 at 72 Spring Street, 2nd floor, New York City. Reservations 212-780-0800 x255.
This year I had five of my fairy tale poems accepted, 3 online with my illustrations "Sleeping Beauty Has Words," "Rumplestiltskin Keeps Mum" and "Advice for Youngest Sons in Fairytales." 2 poems are due to appear in the poetry journal HELIOTROPE, "Fairy Godmother Checklist" and "The Dwarf's Lament."
And I got a judge's choice award & popular choice award at Lunacon for my body of work (watercolors: portraits of Tolkien & C.S. Lewis, fantasy maps and a troll enjoying a beer).

Registered User
(4/13/02 6:38:16 am)
Re: Congratulations to all!
Folks, please don't forget to have your publishers send review copies of your work to the next "Year's Best Fantasy & Horror" volume, #16, which will be covering work published in 2002. We're looking for stories and poems to reprint; and for novels, story collections, nonfiction, art books, etc. to review in the "Year's Summation" section. Anything with fairy tale, folklore, and myth themes is eligible, even if it's not overtly fantastical. The review address can be found on the Endicott Studio "Frequently Asked Questions"

La Reine Noire
Registered User
(4/15/02 4:57:24 pm)
Storm of Swords
I just finished "A Game of Thrones" and adored it. Still haven't started "Clash of Kings," as when I started the first one, I was nearly driven crazy by the fact that I couldn't read it all in one sitting and I simply don't have time at the moment...

My mistake, I think, was going into the book expecting it to almost exactly follow the Wars of the Roses. Which meant, every time it deviated, I kept relating the events in the book to what they could have been based on.

You said "profusely illustrated." Are they going to redo the first two books like that? I'm assuming the prices will be ridiculous, but it'll definitely be worth seeing. I'd love to see what an artist's view of all these places/people was. I know my own view was heavily coloured by all the books I've heard on the Wars of the Roses (reason I read the series in the first place).

Enough blathering.


Registered User
(4/17/02 5:42:23 pm)
Re: Upcoming Publications
Oh dear, I need a second job so I can buy all of these books!

This December, I will be publishing the second book in my poetry series, Cracking the Nut, poems inspired by ballet stories. The first book, Twisitng the Glass, contains poems inspired by fairy tales and folklore. There will be a third, poems inspired by legends, in the next year or so (depends on how much time all of this wedding planning takes). I hope to then gather all three together in one volume, interweaving the three aspects, possibly with new pieces.

Also, last fall, I published Indelible: Art, Poems, and Prose in Response to the September 11th Crisis. This 60-page publication includes work by: Terri Windling, Robert Gould, Brian Froud, Jessica Breitbarth, Gretel Marlene Claggett, Kerrie Colantonio, Laura Colantonio, M. Pepper Langlinais, Laura Williams McCaffrey, Donna Quattrone, Charlotte Rosenthal, Penelope Schenk, Cris Staubach, Corey-Ellen Nadel, Jen Galvin, Kavita, and Marc Potts. I still have several black-and-white copies available. Thanks again to everyone who contributed!

Also last fall, I published Encounter, a small book of poems, stories, meditations, and "excerpts" relating to the land of the fae.

All are available still (if I run out, I can always print more). Feel free to email if you want any more info on specific publications.

Recently I've begun research on creating a periodical (or at least one anthology) of folklore related pieces. If anyone is interested and wants to help get the ball rolling again (I've been sick with upper resp./borderline pnuemonia for the past several weeks and sitting even for short periods of time is unbearable), here's the e-group:

And the old discussion:

Oh, and it's not a publication, but there's a clip of me dancing on the World of Froud and Woodland websites (not long- I'm right after the clowns):

It was at The Faerieworld's Festival that was held in AZ last month (it was such a pleasure meeting you Terri and Charles!).

Wow- looking back on all of this, I guess I've been busy!

Soft whispers and valley blossoms,


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Unregistered User
(5/1/02 1:30:16 am)
Croatian Folktales
Can anyone give me titles of books on this subject, please

Registered User
(5/1/02 4:31:18 am)
new publications
Hi all.

I'm finally lifting my head up for air from the creation of my first book, "Simple Stories," which should be available in the dealers room at WisCon. The book is published by Papaveria Press, a small press I created dealing mainly in limited editions of illustrated fairy tales and fantasies. Following that will be "Bird's Eye," a retelling of Rapunzel, illustrated by my creative partner Aria Nadii. Elysian Fiction, an online mag, will be publishing my story "The Tallest Tree" in late May, I believe. Once WisCon is over I'll have to get busy and submit more stuff out there, but for now, that's it for me.


Registered User
(5/3/02 5:39:08 am)
I wrote an article re: my experience at the Faerieworld's Festival in AZ, and the official World of Froud site posted it yesterday!

Soft whispers and valley blossoms,


Richard Parks
Registered User
(6/4/02 7:42:43 am)
Re: Upcoming Publications
I haven't seen the issue yet, but apparently Charles De Lint wrote a really glowing review of THE OGRE'S WIFE and Other Fairy Tales for Grownups in the August edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. This is very cool.

Registered User
(6/4/02 8:40:22 am)
Re: Upcoming Publications
The following was listed on the IAFA board this morning. I thought it might be of interest to some on the board. GF

Routledge has just published PINOCCHIO GOES POSTMODERN: PERILS OF A PUPPET IN THE UNITED STATES by Richard Wunderlich
and Tom Morrissey. This is the first book-length study of Pinocchio in English. Back cover says in part:
"Drawing upon an exhaustive collection of American Pinocchio publications, films, and stage performances, the authors show how the tale's innumerable transformations illustrate a period of great social and political change between the First World War and the postmodern present. An ambitious work of literary criticism and cultural analysis, PINOCCHIO GOES POSTMODERN raises provovative questions about storytelling, adaptation, and the
cultural importance of children's literature."
Morrissey says: "Actually, we start before WWI. Our principal thesis is that changes in Pinocchio reflect historical and cultural change and that Collodi's original story has been trivialized by a succession of adaptors so that the popular image is now better suited, alas, to the consumer culture. There is a chapter on some fascinating Pinocchio spinoffs and one on postmodern adaptions with long sections on Charyn's PINOCCHIO'S NOSE and Coover's
PINOCCHIO IN VENICE and a shorter segment on Pat Murphy's SF story "Rachel in Love." There are some terrific illustrations too.
The book is the most recent addition to Routledge's Children's Literature and Culture series edited by Jack Zipes, for whose encouragement and advice we are most grateful. The ISBN is 0-8153-3896-1."

Registered User
(6/5/02 6:36:46 pm)
Two poems, this month, at
Yeah, first publishing, ever! Yeah, paid for poetry!
And in my birthday month, too, which is why there are two of them being published, I guess...

Who is probably reading waaaaay too much into the timing.

Unregistered User
(6/24/02 5:39:00 am)
Short Story collection
Hi, everyone.

I haven't been posting so much lately, but I do enjoy reading all the posts here. My good news is that Double Dragon e-books have offered me a contract for my short story collection, "Shadows of the Rose".

They reckon it should be ready for release in September or October of this year, which would be unheard of in traditional publishing I think. If the e-book does well, they may offer me a paperback contract.

Take care,
write your own dream

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