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Richard Parks
Registered User
(7/1/02 11:50:25 am)
Charles de Lint's review of THE OGRE'S WIFE is now up at the F&SF site:

Registered User
(7/1/02 10:05:23 pm)
Re: Review
Congratulations on the great review, Richard -- and well deserved. I hope your publisher is sending a copy to review for The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror...?

Edited by: Terri at: 7/1/02 10:06:06 pm
Jane Yolen
Unregistered User
(7/2/02 2:44:00 am)
New Sale
Just sold FAIRY TALE FEASTS, a cookbook for kids with 19 (count 'em) retold fairy tales (by moi) and recipes to go with them.


Richard Parks
Registered User
(7/2/02 5:55:03 am)
Thanks so much, Terri. I'm sure that can be arranged.

Marsha Sisolak
Registered User
(7/15/02 8:28:58 am)
And my first, so I'm still in the shocked stage.

A retold fairy tale, flash yet, to Ideomancer. It could be a few months until "Staining Snow" is up, however.

Judith Berman
Registered User
(7/17/02 5:52:00 am)
Re: Sale
Congtatulations, Marsha!

Richard Parks
Registered User
(7/22/02 8:37:43 am)
Worshipping Small Gods
Just placed a short story of the same name at Realms of Fantasy, possibly for the December issue. Sort of a zen anti-parable based on Japanese buddhist legend.

Registered User
(7/22/02 10:47:29 am)
Congratulations to all of you!

V Shane
Unregistered User
(7/24/02 8:45:09 pm)
now out
Well hopefully I can make it up the ladder far enough with portfolio submissions this fall for b/w interior work. Everything here looks excellent!

Right now I have a P.O.D. Fantasy anthology that I did the cover for (my first Paperback book cover) called "Grimoire De Solace" printed by iUniverse and now carried by Barnes and Noble on thier online book orders.

I am primarily a SF/F artist for magazines and PODS I ahve a few short stories but nothing to lift an eyelid to :) , trying to get into the book field for the past 2 years now. Just reading all of the posts stirs my drive to greater hieghts...Thank you! And a special hello to one of my favorites Charles Vess!

V Shane

Victoria Elisabeth
Registered User
(7/29/02 5:15:02 pm)
To debut at World Fantasy

My first published story will be out very soon. It's called "Anthropology," and it'll be in the first volume of an anthology series called _Polyphony: Stories Beyond Genre_. Ray Vukcevich, Lucius Shepard, Andy Duncan, and Carol Emshwiller will be in it too, along with several other amazing folks. I'm still not quite sure how I did this.

For those who want a look at the thing: The formal launch will be at World Fantasy in October. You can also check out the website at Or, if you're going to Worldcon next month and are eager indeed, you can waylay one of my editors. They'll be there with a few dozen copies.

Richard Parks
Registered User
(9/18/02 8:47:11 am)
Small Press Collection
It's been in process a while, but it's finally real: _The Ogre's Wife: Fairy Tales for Grownups_ is now available at and Amazon, as well as through the publisher (Obscura Press: The "official" launch will be at World Fantasy Con, but as of now it's a book.

Now comes the hard part.

Edited by: Richard Parks at: 9/18/02 8:49:29 am
Charles Vess
Unregistered User
(9/18/02 10:45:16 am)
Up and comming...

Charles de Lint and I are in the process of trading his prelimivary character descriptions back and forth with my preliminary sketches of same (along with some scene settings that I want to draw) as we develop our next in a series of four YA novellas (the first being our SEVEN WILD SISTERS) collaborative book projects, MEDICINE ROAD. We're taking two of the sisters from the first book and placing them in the Arizona desert along with several other newly developed de Lint characters. Each book in the series will have several of the "SISTERS" and be in a new local.

The other book currently on my drawing board is also with de Lint, A CIRCLE OF CATS. This will be a full color children's book (Viking, summer of 2003) set in the same hills outside of Newford as SWS.

It is REALLY fun collaborarting with the "other" Charles on these books. Don't know if being this collaborative on a book project has been tried before. I've done this sort of thing many times in comics but never as a writer-illustrator team. Even STARDUST was not as back and forth as this. I'm really enjoying the ongoing process so far.

Then there's illustrations for George RR Martin's A STORM OF SWORDS, Rob Walton's SKADE, Jane Yolen's GREAT SELCHIE ballads graphic narrative, and PETER PAN for Tor Books.

My wee fingers are going to be mere nubbins soon...


PS> Good luck to you, V Shane!! The more good, interesting artists around the merrier I say!

Registered User
(9/18/02 11:35:07 am)
Re: Up and comming...
*drool* If this isn't the perfect, up-to-the-minute booklist, I don't know what is. I wonder if I can print the whole thread out?

For myself:

* short story "Herbal," due out in _The Bakkanthology_ this fall--a limited edition anthology out of Bakka Books, the science fiction bookstore in Toronto. Stories are all by SF/F/H writers who have worked at Bakka.

* short story "Delicious Monster," out in _Queer Fear II_ from Arsenal Pulp Press, Canada this fall. Editor Michael Rowe, with, I'm told, a blurb from Clive Barker.

* short story "Shift" out in "Conjunctions: New Wave Fabulists" this fall from Bard U. in NY. Stories collected by Peter Straub:

* anthology _Mojo: Conjure Stories,_ out from Warner Aspect in the spring. I'm the editor. Nineteen original stories, including authors Andy Duncan, Barbara Hambly, Neil Gaiman, Greg Frost, Steve Barnes, Tananarive Due.


Unregistered User
(9/18/02 3:58:43 pm)
Nalo, I think you *can* print the string out--I've done it myself for reference!

I'll add a couple of small forthcoming publications.

Perverse and melancholy story (I'm told) called "A Star Wars Tale" in A GALAXY NOT SO FAR AWAY: WRITERS AND ARTISTS ON 25 YEARS OF STAR WARS (Henry Holt, Sept 2002; ed. Glenn Kenny). There's also a fantastic essay in there by Lydia Millet (she's in Mirror, Mirror too), called "Becoming Darth Vader." Also work from Jonathan Lethem, others.

I also have a story called "A Doll's Tale," in RADICAL SOCIETY: A ROUTLEDGE JOURNAL (Winter 2002). This is a primarily academic journal of socialist thought. The story is about a girl who loses her doll and then also loses her imaginary friend. I guess in a way it *could* be considered socialist!

Hm, I think there is something else. What, though? I will post when it comes to me.

Well, Mirror, Mirror was just reissued, but I am sure I posted that before? (Anchor 2002). *Beautiful new* essays by Midori and Terri and Ursula Le Guin and Carole Maso in there.

Chris K
Unregistered User
(9/18/02 8:03:04 pm)
What a great idea to print this list! I was trying to take notes.

Is the World Fantasy Con. the one in MN?

Adding my 2 cents: I just got a short story accepted by Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, issue 11 or 12. Woo hoo! (sp?)

Chris Klingbiel

Richard Parks
Registered User
(9/19/02 6:48:54 am)
Re: lists
Yep, the one in Minneapolis.

LCRW? Cool!

Unregistered User
(9/19/02 6:51:33 am)
Hello everyone,

Updates on my publishing news. My short story collection, Shadows of the Rose has been published by Double Dragon E Books and is now available from them, at

My novel, Silent Screams has just been re-released through Wasteland Press and for a limited time it is available from their website with free shipping and handling (don't know if that's international or just US.)

I am also Ms. October at

which will have an interview with me and review of my book, it goes live on October 1st.

write your own dream

Registered User
(9/21/02 8:49:50 am)
Heads up ...
This one's already out, but I hadn't seen previous mention of it on the board, and thought that y'all might like to know ... _The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales_, ed. Maria Tatar, is out from Norton. Gorgeous - full color miniatures of original illustrations from Bilibin and Rackham and Dulac, to name only a few, a decent selection of stories, with excellent footnotes, and truly superb autobiographical information at back. The edition is lovely, and the price is right ...

Unregistered User
(9/21/02 1:35:34 pm)
Up and coming
Drool, indeed. It's good to have a place to keep up to date on stuff I want to read.

Ellen Kushner's and my collaboration, THE FALL OF THE KINGS, will be out from Bantam just in time for World Fantasy. It's a sequel to SWORDSPOINT at a considerable distance--kind of SWORDSPOINT: THE NEXT GENERATION.

Ellen K
Unregistered User
(9/21/02 5:06:09 pm)
Charles de Lint's much-appreciated review is now up at:

You can also read Chapter 1 and part of 2 at:

But be aware that for some reason they have left off the Prologue, which lends a sense of color and menace to the ensuing matter.... Don't worry, I'll post it on our website as soon as we have one!


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