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Aisling Rashel
Registered User
(1/18/03 11:27:02 am)
Famous princesses as sisters
Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of or read, etc. any stories where, for example, Cinderella and Snow White were sisters... something like that. I'm thinking of writing something like this, but I'm really curious as to whether it has already been done.

Thanks, Aisling Rashel

Heidi Anne Heiner
(1/18/03 11:46:37 am)
Re: Famous princesses as sisters
I can't remember all of the relations of the characters, but Sherri Tepper's "Beauty" involves related characters and sometimes the same person fulfilling different roles through time. It has been years since my last reading and not one of my favorite fairy tale novels, but it was an interesting concept.

But I do think the concept should be explored more!


Unregistered User
(1/18/03 2:19:07 pm)
Fairytale siblings
A few spring to mind:

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister Gregory Maguire
(which I haven't read)

'Til We Have Faces by C.S.Lewis
(narrated by Psyche's sister of Eros & Psyche. One of my favorites.)

A. S. Byatt has a short story called The Story of the Eldest Princess in Djinn in the Nightengale's Eye, which deals with the conundrum of elder siblings always doomed to failure.

Tepper's Beauty is more of a fairytale dynasty, where someone time travels and the daughters and grandaughters turn out to be famous princesses. I agree with Heidi's assessment of the book and recommend caution before proceeding. It is quite dark.

There are probably some links on the board that deal with sibling roles in fairytales and might be useful. Unfortunately, I don't have Kerrie's talent for finding them.


Registered User
(1/19/03 7:24:00 am)
Re: Fairytale siblings
I think you should write yours anyway, whether or not it's been done before. Your take on it would be different.

Unregistered User
(1/19/03 9:09:09 am)
Yes, I've read Beauty by Sheri S. Tepper, and it is quite dark, but it is also my favourite book (wonder what Freud would make of that then? <grin>) Don't read it if you want a nice light, fluffy fairy tale.

The Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is good too (with a little twist at the end.)

I can't think of any others with they are all related, but the play, is it "A Walk in the Woods"? has some scenes that take place after the "happily ever after" ending, where the princesses meet up to bemoan their fate.


Unregistered User
(1/22/03 6:38:22 pm)
I agree
I agree. Beauty is quite dark. I read it when I was 15 and found it to be rather disturbing.


Registered User
(1/22/03 7:47:29 pm)
"Into the Woods"
> Annette said 'is it "A Walk in the Woods"?'

I wonder if you're thinking of my all time favourite musical "Into the Woods" which has several popular fairy tale characters meeting up after the happy ever aftering is over and life has returned to normal (well, as normal as fairy tales ever are). Prince Charming cheats on Cinderella, Rapunzel goes mad and her prince falls for Snow White. Then everyone gets together and sings about the things they've learned from their stories. It's definitely worth taking a look at.

Hope I'm not completely off, and that this helps you out.


Edited by: Lexi at: 1/22/03 7:48:39 pm
Aisling Rashel
Registered User
(1/22/03 8:05:19 pm)
Re: "Into the Woods"
Its really funny that you brought up "Into the Woods," because I actually have it on video and didn't even think of it! That is an excellent example of what I was thinking of, sort of... I think that I've only watched half of it, though.

I have to put alot more thought into the idea. I actually wrote a poem about Cinderella and Snow White being sisters, which made me think to write a story about it. I did the same thing with a Sleeping Beauty poem.

Cool thoughts going on in here!!! Thanks, Aisling Rashel

Unregistered User
(1/22/03 11:58:43 pm)
Actually, there's a new (semi-new?) comic out by Vertigo called "Fables." I've only read the first one, but Snow White from "Snow White" has been blended with Snow White from "Snow White and Rose Red" and her sister is, drumroll, Rose Red, who did, afterall, marry the consolation prize prince.


Registered User
(1/24/03 4:08:24 am)
Take it to the limit!
Never After by Rebecca Lickiss does more than double up a couple of princesses!
This review maybe gives a bit too much away - but the book's certainly a fun read and borrows unashamedly from many fairy tales.
Possibly the most interesting character is the wicked witch - but it's all in the viewpoint!

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