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Registered User
(1/23/03 6:53:06 pm)
Other examples of green children?
I'm fascinated by the story of the Green Children, supposedly found in Suffolk in the 12th C:

I think I'm growing a story around it. Has anyone heard of any other similar legends? I found one that seems to originate in Spain, but it's so close to the Suffolk one that I wonder if it isn't the same tale with the location changed:

Kevin Smith
Registered User
(1/24/03 3:20:59 am)
hmm . .
Do you have a more reputable rendering of the tale? Its just that I don't particularly trust the internet as an accurate source of information, and someone has certainly translated that supposedly 12th century script into modern english (if written by a monk, it would surely have been in Latin).

Registered User
(1/24/03 6:37:26 am)
Re: hmm . .
There was The Green Child by Herbert Read (1935, I think) which drew on some of the story but was set in the 19thC (I think, it's a while since I read it and it's an odd book!) and featured an older 'green child' now married unhappily to a mill owner. A returning emigre attempts to return her to her home underground...

Unregistered User
(1/25/03 7:51:30 am)
Other Examples of Green Children?
Does anyone remember the 1940's movie "The Boy With The Green Hair?"

Registered User
(1/25/03 2:52:02 pm)
Green children
It's the same incident, but you might look up a Duncan Lunan article that was in Analog in September 1996 called "Children From the Sky" It's probably a different interpretation of the story than you're seen other places, but as it's a scientific article, it does have sources listed at the end. My mother wanted me to do work on this subject for my senior project in college since I was a history major.

Also, I know Charles de Lint has green children in the garden in Spiritwalk, though I think they're from the same incident as well. I asked him about it once, but that was years ago, and I don't seem to still have the email.

Laura McCaffrey
Registered User
(1/26/03 6:37:00 am)
Re: Green children
Briggs's An Encyclopedia of Fairies provides the Keightley English translation of one of the tales from The Fairy Mythology - for those who are interested. She also provides other references to versions of the tale.

As a side note that relates to Kerrie's thread on color - Briggs writes "that it might be noted that green is the Celtic colour of death and that beans are traditionally the food of the dead." (The children eat beans in the story.)

Laura Mc

Registered User
(1/26/03 7:47:29 am)
english green children
Hi There [good old spell check not working dyslexic me here]

this rings a bell
I remember reading a "True" acount of a green boy and girl that were found wondering outside a wood.....
Aaaaa! found it In....... 16th c ... Suffolk, chronicled by William of Newburgh. "Two children, a boy and a girl, greenish in colour and eating only beans, who suddenly appeared in a field near Woolpit, having apparently emerged from some undeground workings there. Their story was that they came from a place called St Martins: They had been watchingtheir Fathers sheep when they heard a loud noise and the next thing they knew they were mysteriously in the fields of Woolpit."

From Phenomena, A book of wonders by John Michell & Robert J.M Rickard..Page 111
PubThames & Hudson.

I know of others.... I'll try and look them out
I seem to remember one where one died and one went on to have a happy married life
good luck and I shall look back

Jane Yolen
Unregistered User
(1/26/03 8:21:41 am)
I wrote a poem about the Green Children a number of years ago. Trying to remember where it was published (maybe in one of the Xanadu anthologies. I think Terri picked it up for a Years Best.) I am in Scotland, not home where I could check.

It's a lovely and sad story, the original folkloric Green Children.


Unregistered User
(1/26/03 8:44:26 am)

What do you make of the second source, which describes that in both cases the boy died and the girl transformed and lived?



Registered User
(1/28/03 2:06:38 pm)
Re: gender
Well, in one of the stories off the internet (which I agree can be a dodgy place for fact, but it's a great place for storytelling), someone doing research into the green children is contacted by a man who has traced his ancestry back to the surviving sister, who was called Agnes. There are also reports that the community of Woolpit found the girl a bit wanton for their tastes once she grew up, but she seems to have managed to fit in anyway. I do make something of the girl surviving, but I don't want to talk much about it. i want to write the story. I think, though, that perhaps the story set in Spain was simply the story set in Woolpit with the location name changed.

Registered User
(1/29/03 6:18:37 am)
Green Holly
In Holly Black's novel TITHE, her protagonist, Kaye, first glimpses her "true" faery self in a mirror. Her face is green. Later one of the faeries informs her that this is in fact her real color, hidden beneath her glamour.
It's an exceptional novel, by the way...a gritty extension of the "Borderlands" approach that Terri took in the late 80s.


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