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Unregistered User
(10/26/03 5:36 pm)
Glass blowing in fairy tales
This is for Gail S. who in February was looking for fairytales featuring glass blowing and mirrors. There is an excellent fairytale called The Glassblower's Children by Maria Gripe which has also been made into a movie with Stellan SKarsgård and Pernilla August.

Unregistered User
(10/27/03 5:36 pm)
Glass & Mirrors
Thank you for your help. I look forward to reading it.
I hope I can find the movie!


Registered User
(10/27/03 9:21 pm)
glass blowing
In her short story collection titled Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice, AS Byatt wrote a fairy tale titled "Cold" about Princess Fiamarosa and her husband, a prince who is a glassblower. It is a really wonderful tale.


Registered User
(10/28/03 8:40 am)
Re: glass blowing
I'd like to also add A.S. Byatt's THE DJINN IN THE NIGHTINGALE'S EYE, a collection of fairy tales. The first, THE GLASS COFFIN, is about a tailor who collects a glass key, finds a princess in a glass coffin, a city under a glass bell, and many souls in glass bottles. The last, which the book takes it's name, is a novella about a woman who studies fairy tales and who collects blown glass paperweights. On a trip she purchases an old glass bottle (the nightingale's eye), washes it, and well...

I'm new to the boards, and love the site.


Unregistered User
(10/28/03 2:28 pm)
I'm a fan of Byatt's short stories, so I have read both THE DJINN IN THE NIGHTINGGALE'S EYE and ELEMENTALS. I won a short story contest with a Genie-in-a-bottle twist ending a while back.

I’ve got a fascination with glass. As a freelance writer, I have sold non-fiction stories about glass also.

Thanks again for your help,


Unregistered User
(10/28/03 10:06 pm)
reply for glassblowing question
what about the russian tale, "the snow queen" -- where a shard of glass from an evil dwarf's mirror lands in kaye's eye and turns him into a cold and unfeeling boy? he has to be saved by his sister gerta??? (i think) by travelling to lapland and appealing to the snow queen. if i remember correctly, the glass splinter comes out when he cries, mistakenly thinking his sister is dead....

Registered User
(10/29/03 7:37 am)
Re:Snow Queen
Sorry--that's a Hans Christian Andersen story called "The Snow Queen". not a Russian tale.


Unregistered User
(10/29/03 10:45 am)
grammer specific question
please, can someone quickly drop me a line? I need to know if the comma goes before or after the conjunction.
Ex: Tom will go to the park, or I will go instead.
Ex2: Tom will go to the park or, I will go instead.
Perhaps its the fact that I haven't slept tonight, but just the same, I am having some difficulty with deciding which example (1 or 2: NO COMMA'S REQUIRED FOR THAT ONE)...(Just a small joke, when my teachers used to read my papers in grade school, they would undoubtibly scratch a red, paint thin scrall across the capital lettering)...(hope one or two of you cought the joke inherint, even if merely parenthetically) And, by the way, I am sure that several words are mispelled, and the grammer must be in some pretty bad shape, but "One who fixates themselves on such tidious tasks as spelling and grammer often misses the purpose of writing in the first express ideas," even if in a manner that is equivilant to a t-shirt and jeans approach. I certainly hope you have enjoyed the quick but, overly confusing, on account my mimicing of the Faulknerian writing style, and hopefully not the poor spelling and grammer, message. I hope to be a writer someday and this is kind of like target practice for a FBI agent; you understand? (@#%$...I hope that was the propper place to place a semicolen) As you can see, perhaps like dave barry (out of Miami) or, Lewis Grizard (an obviouse third cousin of mine, Which adds further evidence to the nature side of the equasion(Sorry ladies, and you gentlemen that choose to subscribe to the rediculus, and overly asinign call for a nurture argument)...Well perhaps Nurture does hold a morsel of validity, in that I was prepaired for college at the finest all boys' Prep School in the land. My seventh grade teacher, who consequently tought several of my clossest comrads and myself, to know the difference between lie and lay; rise and risen, day and daize, anyway, the point is that I want to be a writer someday, and I would appreciate any feedback(as always, possitive or negative feedback will be graciously accepted and revered) on the meandering writing style that I have come so accustom to mimicing. Don't blame me; I voted for Faulkner. (Last one I swear,...his unveinquished-no doubt in my mind-the ryme accompanied by reason that laid the foundation for an impromptu, too phoneticsized, letter as well as a vote casted in his direction) One last thought I swear and I'll llet you go on you're marry way wearing out red pins on snot-nosed little punks(I most certainly would too, after all, it was the hardest teachers that taught me the most..."Now there is a personal testomonial juxtaposed to an elegent and spicy piece of writing,"): I was studying Funk art and the teacher, a wonderfull lecturer, Iif I may say so myself, told us of how the artists of that time/movement contained an unshakable focus on the scatiology of the human existance, for the most part driven by Mass Media. He, the professor preaching about funk art, then held the notion, somewhat personally if I can be frank, ...then you can be bob... (follow that one without having to scan over the whole passage twice, and I owe you lunch) that the funk artists were driven by the inherint fraudulant moral code that Mass Communication has etched its "lowest possible point in stone." ((help me out here too; period inside the quotes or outside the quotes. Some have told me inside always, and others have told me inside so long as your quotaion doesn't begin in the middle of the sentence, and could be replaced parenthetically)????) Does this primise held by my funk art preaching and pracising teacher, hold any weight for someone the likes of me. The Funk artists were on the cutting edge of indignifying socital cultural standards with the juxtoposition of odd materials, familliar images-but construed in unfamilliar, often upsetting configurations, and an obvious native artist of a populated enviornment? I have just spent about an hour writing a bunch of @#%$ on a computerized note pad that I probibly will loose because I have never signed up for this web site, and thusly, the message will be lost as soon as I hit spell chech, or (got you, you know in your heart of hearts that I don't have the gall, the nerve, the, however misspelled it may be, audasity to hit a spell check button at the bottom of the screen) simply submit the damn thing. That said, like funk art, the artistic involvement is in the creation, the spur of the moment decision to write a ~1000 essay on a grammer question that leads into advise about a career path, and ends, with a rather unclimactic climax and an utterly verbose "denumoy", (Comma inside or outside?)and yet, at the same time, gramatically correct to the best of my ability, and thus, ultimately immproper for this setting and context. Would you agree that this note is kind of like the works of Worhall only in the timeframe of my day and age; sitting on the cusp of an independent and free, never tried or attempted, movement to buck the system, if only to an un-clapping audiance, whom I may never see or hear from, -assuming that the damn thing reaches someones desk, all for what? What? What? The need to write, and that is the rest of the story

Pin Name: Tom Twain
Authur: McDonald, Matthew Hunter
Authur's status in education: 5th year senior in Marketing.
Authur's contact information:
(That's right, a Tennessee Voll wrote this whether you like it or not...not the fact that a Voll wrote it, silly, the paper in and of itself. If so, please contact me so as to quickly offer encouragement and advise on an impromptu decision regarding the career search. If not, contact me anyway so that I will not waste my time trying to send letters like these(though riddled with logic and great conclusions{I loved the paralell between this note and funk art} didn't you?) all to no avail, personally and vocationally. So I'm sure the point has hit home by now: DO YOU PUT A COMMA BEFORE OR after the conjuction?...?....?.....?>

Matt McDonald

Registered User
(10/29/03 3:26 pm)
go for example 1...
...are you ok, by the way?

Registered User
(10/30/03 10:34 am)
Re: grammer specific question
General rules (with exceptions excluded):
Read aloud and then put the comma where you need to pause to take a breath or allow the reader to "think through":

I will go. If I do not go, then Bill will go.
I will go, or Bill will go.

As to periods and ( )'s:
(If the whole sentence is inside the parenthies, then
put the period in also.)

Inside the "quotes" if the whole sentence is a quote.
Outside the quotes is the quoted item is a part of
the sentence, even on the end.

"And then he said to me, publish and be damned.".
This is "just the thing".

Pen Name

I rely upon spell checkers. There is no disgrace
in the use of modern conviences.

As to making your product absolute in correctness,
that's the purpose of an Editor. Do what `you' want
and stop worrying about what others will think. When
I buy a cake, I don't care about the steps the Baker
took to get there, I just want the end product.

Good luck to you.

Rym Rytr

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This is an archived string from the
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