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Unregistered User
(10/6/03 8:02 pm)
Research on Disney's Snow White
I have recently visited your web site on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I found the web-site very informative and useful, thank-you.

I am currently doing an assignment, in my second year at university, in a children's literature subject on snow white and the seven dwarfs.

My role in the assignment is to focus on the Disney Version of Snow White, this involves researching the version, writing an essay about it and presenting my findings to the class.

So far in my research I have been able to find information about the history of the Dinsey version, the making of the movie and many positive articles about it, and as much as I love the movie I am also required to look at the criticisms about the movie yet I have not been able to find any information on this.

I was wondering if you knew of any good web-sites or had information on the criticsms, or any other areas which you think would be useful.

Registered User
(10/6/03 11:19 pm)
Snow White
There's a children's autobiography of artist Bill Peet who worked for years at Disney. While it may not be criticism, it may interest you.

Registered User
(10/8/03 6:23 am)
Disney criticism
You might try the book THE DISNEY VERSION by Richard Schickle who is a tart critic of the Mouse. (As am I.)

There is actual a great deal out there, but perhaps not on line.


Unregistered User
(10/8/03 2:30 pm)
Library Resources
I suggest you consult a reference librarian at your school’s library. A librarian will be able to direct you to indexes that you can search to find a wealth of information on this subject. Some indexes and databases you might want to search, if your library subscribes to them (which it probably will), are:

1) MLA International Bibliography

Article Examples:

a) “The Poisonous Apple in Snow White: Disney's Kingdom of Gender.”
Author(s): Ayres, Brenda
Source: pp. 39-50 IN: Ayres, Brenda (ed. and introd.); Hines, Susan (introd.); The Emperor's Old Groove: Decolonizing Disney's Magic Kingdom. New York, NY: Peter Lang; 2003. (xi, 203 pp.)
ISBN: 0-8204-6363-9

b) "Three Transformations of Snow White"
Author: Stone, Kay; pp. 52-65
Source: McGlathery, James M. (ed.); The Brothers Grimm and Folktale. Urbana: U of Illinois P; 1988. xvi, 258 pp.

2) Humanities Index

Example Articles:

a) “Romancing the tale: Walt Disney's adaptation of the Grimms' "Snow White".
Author: Wright, Terri Martin.
Source: Journal of Popular Film and Television v. 25 (Fall 1997) p.

b) Gender roles in Disney films: analyzing behaviors from Snow White to Simba.
Author: Hoerrner, Keisha L. Source: Women's Studies in Communication v. 19 (Summer '96) p.

3) ProQuest Digital Dissertations:

Article Sample:

a) “The happiest films on earth: A textual and contextual analysis of how and why Walt Disney altered the fairy tales and legends of 'Snow White', 'Cinderella', 'The Little Mermaid', and 'Pocahontas'”
Author: O'Brien, Pamela Colby;, PhD
Description: INDIANA UNIVERSITY, 2002, 296 pages

4) ArticleFirst:

Article Sample:

a) “The Animated Woman: The Powerless Beauty of Disney Heroines from Snow White to Jasmine.”
Source: American journal of semiotics. 17, Part 3 (2001): 197-215
Additional Info: Schenkman Pub. Co.,
Issue Id: Part 3
ISSN: 0277-7126

Be sure to check the bibliographies of these articles for additional references to relevant works.

There is much more information on the topic that you can find through these and other resources. I’m sure your school’s reference librarian will be more than happy to help you with your research.

Good luck!


Unregistered User
(10/8/03 4:50 pm)
hi. i think a great place to find lots of info is to watch the anniversary edition dvd. it contains tons of bonus material in which you will find many great galleries and original concept sketches. There is also great archival material that you may find interesting and helpful . I think it will be interesting first of all, because everyone has to have seen this movie at one time or another and not many people (at least that I know of) do further research on a film such as this. I definetly appreciate the concepts included in the DVD. For now, I have some facts that I have gathered off of the Disney Sleeping Beauty DVD and the Snow White DVD.

-Ever wonder why the prince doesn't play a major role in this movie? Walt Disney found the prince's movements too crude, as Disney animators weren't used to animating a male figure and so his "on-screen time" was cut short.(found on the Sleeping Beauty DVD)

-Shirley Temple was an original pick to play the voice of Snow White but after a few meetings/auditions, the talent managers decided that her vocal capabilities were too limited.(found off of the Snow White DVD)

-The woman who spoke for the wicked queen, also spoke for the old peddlar/hag(when she took out her teeth)(Snow White DVD)

Well, hope everything goes well!!!!!

Registered User
(10/9/03 5:40 am)
Re: disney
It occurs to me that I have a discussion of the relative merits of the Disney, Burkert, and Hyman SNOW WHITE books in TOUCH MAGIC.


Niniane Sunyata
Registered User
(10/9/03 5:59 am)
Re: Research on Disney's Snow White
Two books by Jack Zipes, which has pertinent Chapters on Disney w/ references to Snow White and possibly helpful footnotes:

1) Breaking the Magic Spell: Radical Theories of Folk & Fairy Tales (U P Kentucky)

2) Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales, Children and the Culture Industry. (Routledge)

Anita Harris.
Terra Mythogene

Rosemary Lake
Registered User
(10/11/03 1:08 pm)
Re: Research on Disney's Snow White
If you wanted to put Disney in a wider perspective, you might begin by getting familiar with Calvino's ITALIAN FOLKTALES and Jacobs's ENGLISH FAIRYTALES and other Jacobs non-European titles. And maybe the Pantheon RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES. And the PENTAMERONE (public domain at this site, iirc).

Ie, look outside the 1600-1900 German/French milieu of Grimm, Perrault, etc. Where neither Louis the Sun-King nor Victoria ruled....

There's also a book in the last decade whose title I've forgotten, that focused on who told the tales, and to whom, and on what occasions. I was struck by descriptions like a room full of peasants working at repetitive jobs, with one standing up telling a story to amuse them: like a room of factory workers listening to radio or tv. I'd class the PENTAMERONE versions with these: more polished, but for entertaining a mass audience, with comedy and bawdy included. -- Or, perhaps a bit more family-oriented, a tale-teller setting up as a 'busker' at a a fair, trying to keep passersby and famillies throwing coins in his hat....

This -- popular entertainment -- is a strand of the tradition that Disney is right in the middle of, imo.


Registered User
(10/15/03 12:38 pm)
Re: Research on Disney's Snow White
Sorry I'm replying so late -- just found this post.
Another book you might try, though it's not criticism of the film, is "The Owl, the Raven, and the Dove" by G. Ronald Murphy. He's a professor at Georgetown University, I believe, and he takes the (rather unusual) tack that the Disney version actually includes much of the fairy tale iconography in more muted forms.


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