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Jane Yolen

Most of these books are recommended for middle readers and older. Yolen has also written hundreds of books for children without fairy tale themes which are not included here. Visit her site at Jane Yolen.

Except the Queen by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder

Yolen, Jane and Midori Snyder. Except the Queen. New York: Roc, 2010.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: Sisters Serena and Meteora were once proud members of the high court of the Fairy Queen- until they played a prank that angered her highness. Separated and banished to the mortal realm of Earth, they must find a way to survive in a strange world in which they have no power. But there is more to their new home than they first suspect... A sympathetic Meteora bonds with a troubled young girl with an ornate tattoo on her neck. Meteora recognizes it as a magic symbol that will surely bring danger down on them all. Serena, meanwhile, takes in a tortured homeless boy whose mind is plagued by dark visions. The signs point to a rising power that threatens to tear asunder both fairy and human worlds. And the sisters realize that perhaps the queen cast them from their homes not out of anger or spite- but because they were the only ones who could do what must be done...

Briar Rose by Jane YolenBriar Rose by Jane Yolen

Yolen, Jane. Briar Rose. New York: Tor Books, 1993.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NOVEL: Written by one of the true greats in the field of folk and fairy tales, this novel explores the Holocaust with a storyline borrowed from the Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) tale. One of my favorite modern interpretations; don't miss it.

Briar Rose was my first and still one of my favorite books by Jane Yolen.

Touch Magic by Jane Yolen

Yolen, Jane. Touch Magic. Little Rock: August House, 2000.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NONFICTION: Review from Library Journal: "This revision of a classic collection of historical and analytical essays explores the use of fantasy and fairytales in children's literature. The compilation of 16 perceptive essays includes six new entries and updates others from the original 1981 publication. Yolen, winner of the National Book Award and the Caldecott Medal, among other honors, is a renowned storyteller and author of more than 200 books for children and adults. Authoritative, eloquent, and fetching, her observations focus on traditional tales that have passed down through generations and been altered in the process. Folklore and fantasy have, she asserts, endured as basic learning tools to introduce young readers to the world around them, and the stories are a uniquely appropriate guide to day-to-day realities and culture. The definition and impact of these stories is couched in the wonder of fantasy and themes essential to today's young readers. As Yolen poetically observes, "To do without tales and stories and books is to lose humanity's past, is to have no star map for the future." This book will be prized by teachers, authors, students, and all readers who value the use of folklore, mythology, and the familiar stories of youth. A pleasure to read; highly recommended."

Touch Magic by Jane Yolen

Yolen, Jane and Adam Stemple. Pay the Piper: A Rock'n' Roll Fairy Tale. New York: Starscape, 2006.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: A rock 'n' roll band to die for..

When fourteen year old Callie McCallan scores a backstage pass to interview the lead singer of the famous band Brass Rat, she's thrilled. Peter Gringras is so cool. When he plays his flute, it's as if he has some kind of hypnotic power. But there is something strange about him, something Callie can't quite put her finger on. Then, on Halloween night, Callie's little brother Nicky disappears, along with all the other children in town. It's crazy, but Callie thinks she knows where the children have gone-and who took them. To prove it, and to rescue Nicky and the other children, Callie must journey to a mythical world filled with fantastical creatures. A world from which there may be no return..

Troll Bridge : A Rock'n' Roll Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple

Yolen, Jane and Adam Stemple. Troll Bridge: A Rock'n' Roll Fairy Tale. New York: Starscape, 2006.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: A wicked adventure—or deadly…trollble

For sixteen-year-old harpist prodigy Moira, the annual Dairy Princess event in Vanderby is just another lame publicity “op.” Moira a dairy princess? Get real. Twelve girls have been selected to have their likeness carved in butter and displayed on the Trollholm Bridge. It’s a Vanderby State Fair tradition that has been going on for, like, ever.

As far as Moira is concerned, the sooner it’s over with the butter—er—better. About the same time and not far away, three brothers—members of the sensationally popular teen boy band The Griffsons—are in the middle of a much needed road trip to relax from the pressures of their latest tour.

In a flash, however, the kids are suddenly transported to a strange and mystical wilderness where they find themselves in the middle of a deadly tug-of-war struggle between a magical fox named Fossegrim and the monstrous troll Aenmarr of Austraegir. At the heart of the feud is a battle for possession of a mysterious magical fiddle--and an ancient compact between Trollholm and the outer world.

Whatever. All Moira cares about is that eleven of her fellow princesses have been enchanted into a slumber and Moira needs to figure out a way to awaken them…and get home.

Unfortunately for Moira and the Griffsons, nothing in Trollholm is as it seems. Finding a way out of Trollholm may be a lot more difficult than they think.

Mirror, Mirror: Forty Folk Tales for Mothers and Daughters to Share by Jane Yolen and Heidi Y. Stemple

Yolen, Jane and Heidi E. Y. Stemple. Mirror, Mirror: Forty Folk Tales for Mothers and Daughters to Share. New York: Viking Adult, 2000.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover
or paperback.

ANTHOLOGY: In this collection of forty folktales from the well-known "Snow White" (Germany) and "Cinderella" (France) to the the lesser known "Mirabella" (Portugal) and tales from Sudan, Palestine, Africa, China, and Italy, Mirror, Mirror pays tribute to every kind of mother/daughter story. We meet strong mothers, obsessive mothers, doting mothers, and the quintessential wicked stepmothers. Complete with a personal commentary from Yolen and Stemple that accompanies each group of tales, Mirror, Mirror is perfect for mother/daughter reading groups and the ultimate gift for Mother's Day and all year-round.

Touch Magic by Jane Yolen

Yolen, Jane. Favorite Folktales from Around the World (Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library). New York: Pantheon, 1988.

ANTHOLOGY: A one volume collection of 160 tales from over 40 cultures and traditions, containing both classics and lesser known tales.

Sleeping Ugly by Jane Yolen

The Flying Witch by Jane Yolen

The Flying Witch by Jane Yolen

The Flying Witch by Jane Yolen

The Flying Witch by Jane Yolen

The Flying Witch by Jane Yolen

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