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Fairy Tale and Folklore
New Releases 2007

Here are new releases in 2007 using popular fairy tale and folklore themes, including fiction and nonfiction as well as films and music.

You can view these lists summarized on Amazon at Fairy Tale Influenced Fiction 2007 and Fairy Tale and Folklore Nonfiction 2007.

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December 2007

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales

Haase, Donald; editor. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales. Three volumes. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NONFICTION: From the publisher: "Folk and fairy tales exist in all cultures and are at the heart of civilization. The most comprehensive work of its kind, this massive Encyclopedia gives students and general readers a broad, accessible, multicultural survey of folk and fairy tales from around the world. Edited by one of the foremost authorities on the subject, the Encyclopedia draws on the work of numerous expert contributors and covers a broad range of themes and motifs, characters and character types, genres, individuals, national traditions, and other topics."

The Sisters Grimm Book 5: Magic and Other Misdemeanors by Michael Buckley

Buckley, Michael. The Sisters Grimm #5: Magic and Other Misdemeanors. New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "Daphne, Sabrina, and Puck’s most magic-filled mystery.

"In book five of the series, Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are ready to tackle their own case: Who is stealing the magical possessions of the most powerful Everafters in town? With Granny distracted by Mayor Heart’s campaign against human residents, the girl detectives are on their own. Puss in Boots (now an exterminator), Cinderella (a radio relationship counselor), Sleeping Beauty (owner of a coffee shop), and their old enemy, Prince Charming, are among the many suspects, and one thing is for certain: The villain’s plans mean a grim future for the Grimms—truly!"

November 2007

The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen edited by Maria Tatar

Tatar, Maria M. The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen. New York: W. W. Norton, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

From the publisher: "In her most ambitious annotated work to date, Maria Tatar celebrates the stories told by Denmark's "perfect wizard" and re-envisions Hans Christian Andersen as a writer who casts his spell on both children and adults. Andersen's most beloved tales, such as "The Emperor's New Clothes," "The Ugly Duckling," and "The Little Mermaid," are now joined by "The Shadow" and "Story of a Mother," mature stories that reveal his literary range and depth. Tatar captures the tales' unrivaled dramatic and visual power, showing exactly how Andersen became one of the world's ten most translated authors, along with Shakespeare, Dickens, and Marx. Lushly illustrated with more than one hundred fifty rare images, many in full color, by artists such as Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac, The Annotated Hans Christian Andersen will captivate readers with annotations that explore the rich social and cultural dimensions of the nineteenth century and construct a compelling portrait of a writer whose stories still fascinate us today. 146 illustrations including color."

Shrek the Third DVD

October 2007

Brothers and Beasts: An Anthology of Men on Fairy Tales

Bernheimer, Kate; editor. Brothers and Beasts: An Anthology of Men on Fairy Tales. Detroit: Wayne State Univ Press, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NONFICTION: From the publisher: "Despite the availability of several eloquent gender studies of fairy tales, a popular reference on men and fairy tales has so far been nonexistent. Brothers and Beasts offers a new perspective by allowing twenty-three male writers the chance to explore their artistic and emotional relationship to their favorite fairy-tale stories. In their personal essays, the contributors who include genre, literary, mainstream, and visual media writers offer new insight into men s reception of fairy tales. Brothers and Beasts, the follow-up to Kate Bernheimer s influential Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales, offers new avenues for research in fairy-tale studies."

Hush by Donna Jo Napoli

Napoli, Donna Jo. Hush. New York: Atheneum, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

Beastly by Alex Flinn

Flinn, Alex. Beastly. New York: HarperTeen, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "I am a beast.

"A beast. Not quite wolf or bear, gorilla or dog but a horrible new creature who walks upright—a creature with fangs and claws and hair springing from every pore. I am a monster.

"You think I'm talking fairy tales? No way. The place is New York City. The time is now. It's no deformity, no disease. And I'll stay this way forever—ruined—unless I can break the spell.

"Yes, the spell, the one the witch in my English class cast on me. Why did she turn me into a beast who hides by day and prowls by night? I'll tell you. I'll tell you how I used to be Kyle Kingsbury, the guy you wished you were, with money, perfect looks, and the perfect life. And then, I'll tell you how I became perfectly . . . beastly."

Reserved For the Cat: Elemental Masters, Book 5 by Mercedes Lackey

Lackey, Mercedes. Reserved For the Cat. New York: DAW, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From publisher: "In 1910, in an alternate London, a penniless young dancer is visited by a cat who communicates with her mind to mind. Though she is certain she must be going mad, she is desperate enough to follow the cat's advice and impersonates a famous Russian ballerina. The cat, it turns out, is actually an Elemental Earth Spirit, and leads her to minor stardom.

"Meanwhile, the real Russian ballerina has fallen victim to an evil troll who takes over her body and kills her patrons, drinking their life essences in order to strengthen his powers. And soon, the troll focuses his dark attentions on the young dancer..."

Nutcracker and Mouse King and The Tale of the Nutcracker by Jack Zipes

Zipes, Jack, introduction.  Nutcracker and Mouse King and The Tale of the Nutcracker. Joachim Neugroschel, translator. New York: Penguin, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that seeing The Nutcracker at Christmastime became an American tradition. But the story itself is much older and its original intent more complex. This eye-opening new volume presents two of the tale’s earliest versions, both in new translations: E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Nutcracker and Mouse King (1816), in which a young girl is whisked away to the Land of Toys to help her animated nutcracker defeat the Mouse King, and Alexandre Dumas’s 1845 adaptation, The Tale of the Nutcracker, based on Hoffmann’s popular work. Irresistible tales of magic, mystery, and childhood adventure, these timeless delights and fresh interpretations about the importance of imagination will captivate readers of all ages.

About the Authors

E.T.A. Hoffmann (1776–1822) worked in the Prussian civil service before becoming one of the most popular fiction writers of his time.

Alexandre Dumas père (1802–1870), one of nineteenth-century France’s most prolific novelists, is best known for his historical novels that began with The Three Musketeers.

Joachim Neugroschel has won three PEN translation awards and the French-American translation prize.

Jack Zipes is a professor of German at the University of Minnesota.

September 2007

Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale

Hale, Shannon. Book of a Thousand Days. New York: Bloomsbury, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "When Dashti, a maid, and Lady Saren, her mistress, are shut in a tower for seven years for Saren’s refusal to marry a man she despises, the two prepare for a very long and dark imprisonment.

"As food runs low and the days go from broiling hot to freezing cold, it is all Dashti can do to keep them fed and comfortable. But the arrival outside the tower of Saren’s two suitors—one welcome, and the other decidedly less so—brings both hope and great danger, and Dashti must make the desperate choices of a girl whose life is worth more than she knows.    

"With Shannon Hale’s lyrical language, this forgotten but classic fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm is reimagined and reset on the central Asian steppes; it is a completely unique retelling filled with adventure and romance, drama and disguise."

Poison Apples by Lily Archer

Archer, Lily. The Poison Apples. New York: Feiwel & Friends, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "When lightning strikes! From the moment we heard the idea about a club of stepdaughters forming to wreak revenge on their evil stepmothers, we felt all jittery and happy inside. The best stories are those which derive from a great literary tradition, but have an original voice and a narrative twist all their own. Hello, Lily Archer! Although still in a master of arts writing program, she is a born writer. Her wickedly funny novel will capture you from its first page. But be forewarned, it is her heartfelt characters that will ensure this novel's place on bookshelves for decades to come. We all know the stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel. But have you ever heard of Alice Bingley-Beckerman, Reena Paruchuri, or Molly Miller? Of course you haven't. Not yet. But here's something you should know. What these girls have in common with their fairy-tale sisters is this: They are the stepdaughters of three very evil stepmothers. And they're not happy about it. They think they are alone in their unhappiness until they arrive at Putnam Mount McKinsey, a posh boarding school located in lovely, rural Massachusetts. Here is where they will plot their revenge. But first, they have to meet. In her first novel, Lily Archer tells a knowing, unforgettable story about how friendship just may turn out to be more happily-ever-after than family."

Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A Classic IIlustrated Edition

Edens, Cooper, editor. Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A Classic IIlustrated Edition. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

August 2007

The Swan Maiden by Heather Tomlinson

Tomlinson, Heather. The Swan Maiden. New York: Henry Holt, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "In the quiet hour before dawn … Anything can happen. A third daughter can dream of being a creature of flight and magic, of wearing a swan-skin like her sisters. But Doucette is only a chastelaine in training, learning to run the castle household while her older sisters are taught to weave spells. For Doucette, the dream of flying is exactly that-until the day she discovers her own hidden birthright. Sudden, soaring freedom; it is a wish come true. Yet not even magic can protect against every danger, especially where the heart is involved. As she struggles to find her own way in the world, Doucette risks losing the one she loves most of all."

Baltimore,: Or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

Mignola, Mike and Christopher Golden. Baltimore,: Or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire. New York: Spectra, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "From celebrated comic artist Mike Mignola and award-winning novelist Christopher Golden comes a work of gothic storytelling like no other. Reminiscent of the illustrated tales of old, here is a lyrical, atmospheric novel of the paranormal—and a chilling allegory for the nature of war.

"'“Why do dead men rise up to torment the living?” Captain Henry Baltimore asks the malevolent winged creature. The vampire shakes its head. “It was you called us. All of you, with your war. The roar of your cannons shook us from our quiet graves…. You killers. You berserkers…. You will never be rid of us now.'

"When Lord Henry Baltimore awakens the wrath of a vampire on the hellish battlefields of World War I, the world is forever changed. For a virulent plague has been unleashed—a plague that even death cannot end.

"Now the lone soldier in an eternal struggle against darkness, Baltimore summons three old friends to a lonely inn—men whose travels and fantastical experiences incline them to fully believe in the evil that is devouring the soul of mankind.

"As the men await their old friend, they share their tales of terror and misadventure, and contemplate what part they will play in Baltimore’s timeless battle. Before the night is through, they will learn what is required to banish the plague—and the creature who named Baltimore his nemesis—once and for all."

July 2007

The Coyote Road edited by Datlow and Windling

Datlow, Ellen; Terri Windling; editors. The Coyote Road: Trickster Tales. New York: Viking, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

FICTION ANTHOLOGY: "Coyote. Anansi. Brer Rabbit. Trickster characters have long been a staple of folk literature—and are a natural choice for the overarching subject of acclaimed editors Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling’s third “mythic” anthology. The Coyote Road features a remarkable range of authors, each with his or her fictional look at a trickster character. These authors include Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles), Charles de Lint (The Blue Girl), Ellen Klages (The Green Glass Sea), Kelly Link (Magic for Beginners), Patricia A. McKillip (Old Magic), and Jane Yolen. Terri Windling provides a comprehensive introduction to the trickster myths of the world, and the entire book is highlighted by the remarkable decorations of Charles Vess. The Coyote Road is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary fantastic fiction."

June 2007

Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst

Durst, Sara. Into the Wild. New York: Razorbill, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover or paperback.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "Twelve-year-old Julie has grown up hearing about the dangerous world of fairy tales, “The Wild,” from which her mother, Rapunzel, escaped. Now The Wild wants its characters back. Julie comes home from school to find her mother gone and a deep, dark forest swallowing her hometown. Julie must fight wicked witches, avoid glass slippers and fairy godmothers, fly griffins, and outwit ogres in order to rescue her mom and save her Massachusetts town from becoming a fairy-tale kingdom. Sarah Beth Durst weaves a postmodern fairy tale that’s fresh, funny, and sweetly poignant. "

The Rose Bride: A Retelling of 'The White Bride and the Black Bride' by Nancy Holder

Holder, Nancy. The Rose Bride: A Retelling of "The White Bride and the Black Bride". New York: Simon Pulse, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "When Rose's mother dies, her only comfort is the exquisite rose garden her mother left behind. The purple blossoms serve as an assurance of her mother's love. But Rose is dealt a second blow when her father dies and his greedy widow, Ombrine, and her daughter, Desirée, move in and take over the manor in true Cinderella fashion. Fate has been cruel to Ombrine and Desirée, too. So despite their harsh ways, Rose has compassion. But these feelings are bitterly tested when, in a rage, Ombrine tears out the garden. Rose nearly gives up all hope -- until a chance meeting with the king. Happiness might be within her reach, but first she must prevail over Ombrine. And then she must determine if she has the courage to love."

The Sleeping Beauty Proposal by Sarah Strohmeyer

Strohmeyer, Sarah. The Sleeping Beauty Proposal. New York: Dutton Adult, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "At 36, Genie Michaels is beginning to feel that she has hit the snooze button on her life one too many times. When her “commitment-phobic” boyfriend Hugh proposes on national TV—not to Genie, but to an unknown mystery woman—Genie’s wise-cracking friend Patty doesn’t hesitate to give her some tough love: “You remind me of that idiot Sleeping Beauty, lying around like a zombie waiting for your prince. Well, guess what, he rode right past your castle and now you have a choice – you can either go back to bed or you can wake up!”

"Genie chooses to wake up. After some questionable advice, her first step is to allow everyone to believe she’s Hugh’s real fiancée. She’ll let him be the one to explain the mistake. Naturally the good news travels fast and, in a heartbeat, Genie’s parents are booking a reception hall while friends are showering her with gifts. Genie feels bad about the deception, but at last everyone is dancing to her tune, and she can’t help but enjoy it. Particularly when a certain too-handsome-for-his-own-good Greek carpenter shows up on the scene thinking he’s hotter than Tabasco. Genie realizes that she never needed a man to start her life – to buy a home, to get a better job, or even to wear a diamond ring. And if Prince Charming wants to show up while she’s at it, she just might teach him a thing or two."

May 2007

The Red Shoe by Ursula Dubosarsky

Dubosarsky, Ursula. The Red Shoe. New York: Roaring Brook Press, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: "Funny, tough-minded and tender, this is the story of Matilda and her two sisters growing up in Sydney, Australia in the 1950s at the time of the Cold War Russian spy crisis known as the Petrov Affair. Punctuated by the headlines of the time, it shows with unsettling clarity how the large events of the world can impinge on ordinary lives." Winner of the Queensland Premier's Literary Award 2006 (Australia).

Damsel Under Stress by Shanna Swendson

Swendson, Shanna. Damsel Under Stress. New York: Ballantine, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "To-do: Stop the bad guys. Rescue the wizard. Find the perfect outfit for New Year’s Eve.

"At last, Owen Palmer, the dreamboat wizard at Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc., has conjured up the courage to get Katie Chandler under the mistletoe at the office holiday party. But just when it looks like Katie has found her prince, in pops her inept fairy godmother, Ethelinda, to throw a wand into the works. Ethelinda’s timing couldn’t be worse. A plot hatched by MSI’s rogue ex-employees, Idris and his evil fairy gal pal Ari, threatens to expose the company’s secrets–and the very existence of magic itself. Even worse, it could also mean the end of Katie’s happily-ever-after.

"Now Katie and Owen must work side by side (but alas, not cheek to cheek) to thwart the villains’ plans. Braving black-magic-wielding sorceresses, subway-dwelling dragons, lovelorn frog princes, and even the dreaded trip to meet Owen’s parents at Christmas, Katie and her beau are in a battle to beat Idris at his own sinister game. All mischief and matters of the heart will come to a head at a big New Year’s Eve gala, when the crystal ball will drop, champagne will pour, and Katie will find herself truly spellbound."

The Sisters Grimm Book 4: Once Upon a Crime by Michael Buckley

Buckley, Michael. The Sisters Grimm #4: Once Upon a Crime. New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "In the long-awaited fourth book in the New York Times bestselling series, the Grimms take on New York City!

Surprises abound for Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, fairy-tale detectives extraordinaire. When they venture into the big city, they stumble upon a murder, face betrayal by a friend, and discover an amazing secret about their mother, Veronica.

Sabrina just wants to be normal—no detecting, no dangerous escapes, and especially no Everafters. Unfortunately, New York City is a hiding spot for many famous fairy-tale folk. And there’s a murderer in their midst! The girls and their friends must figure out who killed Puck’s father, King Oberon, while coming to terms with their mother’s secret life. Will they stop the murderer before he or she can strike again? And will Sabrina ever accept her family’s destiny?

The colorful world of the Grimms expands in new and hilarious directions in Once upon a Crime. Critics and readers alike have embraced the Sisters Grimm series and its independent, quick-thinking heroines."

The Princess and the Hound

Harrison, Mette Ivie. The Princess and the Hound. New York: Eos, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "He is a prince, heir to a kingdom threatened on all sides, possessor of the animal magic, which is forbidden by death in the land he'll rule. She is a princess from a rival kingdom, the daughter her father never wanted, isolated from true human friendship but inseparable from her hound. Though they think they have little in common, each possesses a secret that must be hidden at all costs. Proud, stubborn, bound to marry for the good of their kingdoms, this prince and princess will steal your heart, but will they fall in love?"

April 2007

A Fate Worse Than Dragons by John Moore

Moore, John. A Fate Worse Than Dragons. New York: Ace, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "In an attempt to win the hand of Princess Gloria in marriage, Sir Terry slays a dragon-only to discover he's killed the dragon in a neighboring kingdom and inadvertently earned the devotion of the wrong princess. And everyone knows that getting stuck with the wrong girl is truly a fate worse than dragons."

March 2007

Before Midnight by Cameron Dokey

Dokey, Cameron. Before Midnight. New York: Simon Pulse, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NOVEL: "Etienne de Brabant is brokenhearted. His wife has died in childbirth, leaving him alone with an infant daughter he cannot bear to name. But before he abandons her for king and court, he brings a second child to be raised alongside her, a boy whose identity he does not reveal. The girl, La Cendrillon, and the boy, Raoul, pass sixteen years in the servants' care until one day a very fine lady arrives with her two daughters. The lady has married La Cendrillon's father, and her arrival changes their lives. When an invitation to a great ball reaches the family, La Cendrillon's new stepmother will make a decision with far-reaching effects. Her choice will lead La Cendrillon and Raoul toward their destiny -- a choice that will challenge their understanding of family, test their loyalty and courage, and, ultimately, teach them who they are."

The Riddle of the Gnome by P. W. Catanese

Catanese, P. W. The Riddle of the Gnome. New York: Aladdin, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in paperback.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "A banished boy named Tom, cursed to bring bad luck to everyone he meets...

"A bitter, ill-mannered gnome who may hold the key to Tom's salvation...

"An unstoppable army of pillaging invaders...

"A monster so hideous, nobody can stand to look upon it...

"That's what The Riddle of the Gnome is all about. Like the other Further Tales, it tells about what happens many years after a classic fairy tale. So if you ever wondered what happened to Rumpelstiltskin...here's your chance to find out."

February 2007

Letters from Rapunzel by Sara Holmes

Holmes, Sara. Letters from Rapunzel. New York: Dennis Dobson, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "Once upon a time, there was a girl. Let's call her Rapunzel. A modern-day version. Abandoned. Alone. Waiting for her hair to grow and dreaming of a way to escape from her tower. She was trapped, you see. Not in the conventional fairy-tale way—this was the dreaded after-school Homework Club. A desolate place, where no gum could be chewed, and where Rapunzel sat day after day, cursing the evil spell that had been cast over her father. The doctors called it something else, but a true heroine can smell an evil spell a mile away. So when a mysterious letter addressed to P.O. Box #5667 falls into her hands, she knows she's found the pea under her mattress. But since when is finding happily ever after as simple as Just Writing Back? Winner of the Ursula Nordstrom Fiction Contest, Sara Lewis Holmes's enchanting debut novel is a breath of fresh air. Told through letters, with a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust, Rapunzel's quest for a happy ending gives every reader something to believe in."

The Secret History of Tom Trueheart by Ian BeckThe Secret History of Tom Trueheart by Ian Beck

Beck, Ian. The Secret History of Tom Trueheart. New York: Greenwillow, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NOVEL: From the publisher: "Tom's six older brothers take after their father. Tom does not. The brothers are adventurers who go on dangerous quests in the Land of Stories. Tom stays home with his mother. Tom's brothers are famous for the exciting endings they discover for the tales the Story Bureau assigns to them. Tom worries he will never have a story of his own. But when his brothers fail to return from their adventures in time to celebrate Tom's twelfth birthday, a letter from the Story Bureau arrives . . . addressed to Tom. It is up to him to find out why his brothers haven't completed their missions. Tom packs his bags and kisses his mother good-bye. It turns out that he has his own story after all—and you are about to read it. "

Once upon a Time: Walt Disney: The Sources of Inspiration for the Disney Studios  by Bruno Girveau

Girveau, Bruno; editor. Once Upon a Time: Walt Disney: The Sources of Inspiration for the Disney Studios. New York: Prestel Publishing, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardcover.

NONFICTION: From the publisher: "The origins of Disney's masterpieces and the works the studio in turn inspired are the subject of this lavishly illustrated book.

"While the works of Walt Disney rank among the icons of American mass culture, it is easy to forget that Disney's characters and stories were inspired by original works of art. Now the sources that motivated Disney's imagination--and the artists that his studio in turn influenced--are brought to light. From the launching of the Walt Disney Company until the founder's death in 1967, this book includes more than 300 original works selected from the Disney archives and from private collections, together with paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and film stills.

"Here Disney fans will discover the fairy tales behind Sleeping Beauty and Snow White; they'll learn that Pinocchio's village was modeled on the mediaeval city of Rothenburg in Bavaria; that Bambi's forest took its inspiration from fifteenth-century Chinese painting; that Dumbo's bird's-eye views drew on the work of Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton. One chapter is devoted to the mutually admiring relationship between Salvador Dali and Disney. Finally, the book looks at the myriad ways in which Disney's products became source materials for modern and contemporary artists, including Prokofiev and Leopold Stokowski as well as Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier, Peter Saul, and Gary Baseman. A wonderful sourcebook for Disney enthusiasts, this colorful volume offers a unique perspective on the often-overlooked links between highbrow and popular culture."

January 2007

Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

Marillier, Juliet. Wildwood Dancing. New York: Knopf Books, 2007.
Amazon.com: Buy the book in hardback.

NOVEL: From publisher: "High in the Transylvanian woods, at the castle Piscul Draculi, live five daughters and their doting father. It's an idyllic life for Jena, the second eldest, who spends her time exploring the mysterious forest with her constant companion, a most unusual frog. But best by far is the castle's hidden portal, known only to the sisters. Every Full Moon, they alone can pass through it into the enchanted world of the Other Kingdom. There they dance through the night with the fey creatures of this magical realm.

"But their peace is shattered when Father falls ill and must go to the southern parts to recover, for that is when cousin Cezar arrives. Though he's there to help the girls survive the brutal winter, Jena suspects he has darker motives in store. Meanwhile, Jena's sister has fallen in love with a dangerous creature of the Other Kingdom--an impossible union it's up to Jena to stop.

"When Cezar's grip of power begins to tighten, at stake is everything Jena loves: her home, her family, and the Other Kingdom she has come to cherish. To save her world, Jena will be tested in ways she can't imagine--tests of trust, strength, and true love."

Fairy Tales for Writers by Lawrence Schimel

Fairy Tales from Before Fairy Tales: The Medieval Latin Past of Wonderful Lies by Jan M. Ziolkowski

Fables 9: Sons of Empire by Bill Willingham

Giambattista Basile's "The Tale of Tales, or Entertainment for Little Ones" translated by Nancy L. Canepa

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