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Book Gallery for Twelve Dancing Princesses

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by D. L. Ashliman


Here is a gallery of covers to books, movies and more featuring the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale. Clicking on an image will link you to the item on Amazon.com where you can read more about it.

Picture Books

Twelve Dancing Princesses by Marianne MayerTwelve Dancing Princesses by Ruth Sanderson

Twelve Dancing Princesses by Rachel Isadora

Twelve Dancing Princesses by Errol Le CainTwelve Dancing Princesses by Ruth Sanderson

Brothers of the Night by Debbie AllenThe Princesses Have a Ball by Teresa Bateman

The Twelve Princesses by Gordon FitchettTwelve Dancing Princesses by Jane Ray

The Twelve Princesses illustrated by Dorothee DuntzeThe Twelve Princesses illustrated by Sucie Stevenson


The Midnight Dancers by Regina DomanThe Thirteenth Princess

The Princess Curse by Merrie HaskellThe Midnight Dancers by Regina Doman

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George Wildwood Dancing by Juliet MarillierThe Phoenix Dance by Dia Calhoun

The Night DanceThe Twelve Dancing Princesses by Ellen Miles

Short Stories

The Door in the Hedge by Robin McKinleyOnce Upon a CrimeWolf at the Door edited by Datlow and Windling

Goldilocks on Management: 27 Revisionist Fairy Tales for Serious Managers


Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales by Jack ZipesThe Uses of Enchantment by Bruno BettelheimThe Classic Fairy Tales by Iona and Peter Opie

Fairy Tale Collections

Twelve Dancing Princesses Tales From Around the World

Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm translated by Jack ZipesRed Fairy Book edited by Andrew Lang


Transformations by Anne SextonThe Poets' Grimm edited by Beaumont and Carlson


Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale TheatreFaerie Tale Theatre: The Dancing PrincessesFaerie Tale Theatre: The Dancing Princesses

The Wonderful World of the Brothers GrimmBarbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses


Brothers of the Night Original Soundtrack

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