Africa | Honey: Cock and Jackal

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Cock and Jackal

COCK, it is said, was once overtaken by Jackal, and caught. Cock said to Jackal, "Please, pray first [before you kill me], as the white man does."

Jackal asked, "In what manner does he pray? Tell me."

"He folds his bands in praying," said Cock. Jackal folded his hands and prayed. Then Cock spoke again: "You ought not to look about you as you do. You had better shut your eyes." He did so; and Cock flew away, upbraiding at the same time Jackal with these words, "You rogue! do you also pray?"

There sat Jackal, speechless, because he had been outdone.

The text came from:

Honey, James ASouth African Folk-talesNew York: Baker & Taylor Company, 1910.

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