Introduction | Fairy Tales & Folklore

Here is an assortment of questions, essays, guides, links, and even a short story that will hopefully enlighten and inspire, or at least help you along the way.


I have many people to thank for help with this site:

My husband, John, for his help with pesky graphics and moral support. He has always supported this time-consuming hobby and has taught me how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver so I know how to build a decent looking website. He also designed the SurLaLune logo.

The rest of my family for their encouragement, especially to my parents for teaching me how to educate myself.

Margaret Ordoubadian at MTSU for her classes and encouragement of a fairy tale obsessed teenager many years ago.

The writing, illustrating and editing of Jane Yolen, Terri Windling, Robin McKinley, Donna Jo Napoli, Jack Zipes, Marina Warner, Maria Tatar, Stith Thompson, D. L. Ashliman, Vladimir Propp, Paul Zelinsky, Trina Shart Hyman, Wolfgang Mieder, and so many of the others who are included in my bibliographies. I have met some of the people listed here or heard them speak. I wish I could sit and listen at their feet more often!

And for an entire lifetime of support and encouragement, thanks to my family, especially to my parents for reading fairy tales to me and to my grandmother for finding that first copy of Beauty and the Beast for an eager six-year-old's Easter gift. How fitting that it was filled with Walter Crane's illustrations!

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