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Illustrations of Cinderella

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by Millicent Sowerby

Below are illustrations by Millicent Sowerby for Cinderella.
Click on the image to view a larger version.

Millicent Sowerby Cinderella 1Millicent Sowerby Cinderella 2

Millicent Sowerby Cinderella 3Millicent Sowerby Cinderella 4Millicent Sowerby Cinderella 5

Millicent Sowerby Cinderella 6Millicent Sowerby Cinderella 7

These illustrations came from:

Sowerby, Githa. Cinderella. Millicent Sowerby, illustrator. [London: Henry Frowde] New York: Hodder and Stoughton, 1915.


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Cinderella illustrated by Ruth Sanderson

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