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Romance Novels:
Fairy Tale Romances

I find many fairy tale themed romance novels in my research and am including them here for the curious or romantically minded. The novels are in alphabetical order by title, not author.

Beauty and the Beast

Arabella and the Beast (1988) by Rebecca Baldwin

Beast (1997) by Judith Ivory

The Beauty (2001) by Claire Delacroix

Beauty and the Beast (1992) by Hannah Howell

Beauty and the Beast (1996) by Taylor Ryan

Beauty & The Beastly Rancher From The Circle K (2003) by Judy Christenberry

Beauty & the Beasts (1997) by Janice Kay Johnson

Beauty and The Big Bad Wolf (2005) by Carol Grace

Beauty and the Bodyguard (1996) by Merline Lovelace

"Beauty Baits the Beast" in Once Upon a Tangled Tale (1996) by Bronwyn Wolfe

The Beauty Bride (2005) by Claire Delacroix

The Beauty, the Beast and the Baby (1996) by Dixie Browning

Blue Moon (1999) by Jill Marie Landis

The Brain & the Beauty (2002) by Betsy Eliot

The Bride and The Beast (2000) by Teresa Medeiros

The Bride Finder (1998) by Susan Carroll

Bride of the Beast (2003) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Capture the Night (1993) by Geralyn Dawson

Completely Smitten (2002) by Kristine Grayson

DeButy and The Beast (2001) by Linda Jones

Devotion (1996) by Katherine Sutcliffe

Enchanted (1997) by Claire Delacroix

Entwined (1997) by Emma Jensen

Faery Bride (1996) by Lisa Ann Verge

The Gentle Beast (1996) by Colleen Shannon

Heart of the Beast (1993) by Carla Cassidy

Kiss of the Beast (1995) by Mallory Rush

Lair of the Lion (2002) by Christine Feehan

Leftover Love (1984) by Janet Daily

Loves Me, Loves Me Not (2000) by Barbara Jean Hicks

Maddening Minx (1992) by Mary Kingsley

Night Magic (1989) by Charlotte Vale Allen

Nighttime Sweethearts (2005) by Cara Colter

The Night Of The Phantom (1991) by Anne Stuart

Out of the Darkness (1989) by Binnie Syril

Perfect Beast (1989) by Kay Gregory

Ravished (1992) by Amanda Quick

The Rose: A Novel Based On Beauty And The Beast by Jennifer Baker (1996)

"A Rose for Beauty" in Once Upon a Time: Four Modern Day Romance Stories With All the Enchantment of a Fairy Tale (2000) by Irene B. Brand

A Rose in Winter (1982) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Shadow Fires (2004) by Catherine Spangler

Shadow Prince (1994) by Terri Lynn Wilhelm

Silent Suitor (1994) by Elizabeth Fairchild

The Silver Rose (1997) by Jane Feather

Some Kind Of Wonderful (1988) by Debbie Macomber

Taming the Beast (2001) by Amy J. Fetzer

Taming the Beastly MD (2003) by Elizabeth Bevarly

'Twas the Night (1992) by Helen Mittermeyer

The Vampire Viscount (1995) by Karen Harbaugh

Whispers in the Woods (1994) by Helen R. Myers

Wilde at Heart (1993) by Janice Kaiser

Winter Garden (2000) by Adele Ashworth

With This Kiss (1999) by Victoria Lynne


All That Glitters (1999) by Barbara Jean Hicks

Annie and the Prince (2000) by Elizabeth Harbison

At Midnight: A Novel Based On Cinderella (1996) by Jennifer Baker

Beloved One (1998) by Danelle Harmon

"Birthday Shoes" in Magic Slippers (1996) by Barbara Boswell

The Cad (1998) by Edith Layton

Charming the Prince (1999) by Teresa Medeiros

Charming the Prince (2003) by Laura Wright

A Cinderella Affair (1992) by Anne Beaumont

A Cinderella Affair (2007) by A.C. Arthur

Cinderella After Midnight (1967) by Mary Burchell

Cinderella After Midnight (2001) by Lilian Darcy

Cinderella & The Playboy (2002) by Laura Wright

Cinderella and the Spy (2000) by Sally Tyler Hayes

Cinderella and the Texas Prince (1998) by Linda Lewis

Cinderella at the Firecracker Ball (1993) by Julie Kistler

Cinderella Bride (1998) by Monica McLean

The Cinderella Coach (1992) by Roz Denny

The Cinderella Dare (1988) by Jacqueline Diamond

The Cinderella Deal (1996) by Jennifer Cruise

The Cinderella Factor (2006) by Sophie Weston

Cinderella for a Night (2000) by Susan Mallery

The Cinderella Game (1992) by Sheri Cobb South

Cinderella Girl (1990) by Trisha Alexander

The Cinderella Hour (2005) by Katherine Stone

Cinderella in Mink (1973) by Roberta Leigh

The Cinderella Inheritance (2003) by Carolyn Zane

Cinderella Nurse (1967) by Jane Converse

The Cinderella Pact (2006) by Sarah Strohmeyer

The Cinderella Plan (2005) by Margaret Daley

The Cinderella Rules (2003) by Donna Kauffman

The Cinderella Search (1998) by Judy Griffith Gill

The Cinderella Solution (2002) by Cathy Yardley

Cinderella Summer (1992) by Elizabeth D'Anard

The Cinderella Trap (1989) by Kate Walker

Cinderella Twin (1998) by Barbara McMahon

Cinderella Wife (1986) by Katherine Arthur

Cinderella's Big Sky Groom (1999) by Christine Rimmer

Cinderella's Midnight Kiss (2000) by Dixie Browning

Cinderella's Millionaire (2003) by Katherine Garbera

Cinderella's Secret Agent (2001) by Ingrid Weaver

Cinderella's Secret Baby (1998) by Carolyn Zane

Cinderella's Shoe Size (2001) by Kathleen Webb

Cinderella's Tycoon (1999) by Caroline Cross

Cinderfella (1998) by Linda Jones

Cinderman (1994) by Anne Stuart

Cinders to Satin (1983) by Fern Michaels

Cindy and the Prince by (1988) by Debbie Macomber

City Cinderella (2006) by Catherine George

Crazy for Cornelia (2000) by Chris Gilson
(More "chick lit" than romance novel.)

A Cruise For Cinderella (1956) by Alex Stuart

"Cupid Wears Combat Boots" in Magic Slippers (1996) by Carole Buck

Cyber Cinderella (2006) by Christina Hopkinson

The Damsel (1999) by Claire Delacroix

Embrace the Night (1994) by Elda Minger

Emma and the Earl (1999) by Elizabeth Harbison

The Fairy Godmother (2004) by Mercedes Lackey

Finding Her Prince (2001) by Lilian Darcy

The Glass Shoe (1989) by Kay Hooper (2000) by Rebecca Anderson

The Glass Slipper (1996) by Linda O. Johnston

Glass Slippers (1996) by Nancy Berland

A Glimpse of Heaven (1995) by Barbara Dawson Smith

An Offer from a Gentleman (2001) by Julia Quinn

Once Upon a Time: The Glass Shoe (1989) by Kay Hooper

Glimpse of Heaven (1995) by Barbara Dawson Smith

Golden Man (1999) by Evelyn Rogers

"Heart and Souls" in Magic Slippers (1996) by Cassie Miles

Her Own Prince Charming (1999) by Eva Rutland

His Cinderella Bride (1996) by Heather Allison

Hometown Cinderella (2007) by Victoria Pade

Honky-Tonk Cinderella (2001) by Karen Templeton

If the Slipper Fits (2003) by Elaine Fox

If Wishes Were...Husbands (1998) by Debbie Rawlins

Love is a Fairy Tale (1984) by Zelma Orr

Look of Love (1999) by Lynda Sandoval

Love Me Tender (1998) by Sandra Hill

Mail-Order Cinderella (2000) by Kathryn Jensen

The Millionaire's Cinderella Wife (2005) by Lilian Darcy

Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind (1998) by Carla Kelly

My Prince Charming (1993) by Molly McGuire

The Mysterious Maid Servant (1977) by Barbara Cartland

No Slipper for Cinderella (1965) by Mildred Lawrence

An Offer From A Gentleman (2001) by Julia Quinn

Once Upon A Dream (1997) by Katherine Kingsley

Overnight Cinderella (2001) by Katherine Garbera

Plain Jane Gets Her Man (1997) by Robin Wells

Plain Jane Marries the Boss (1997) by Elizabeth Harbison

The Prince and the Showgirl (1993) by JoAnn Ross

Prince Charming, M.D. (1998) by Susan Mallery

Princess Charming (2003) by Beth Pattillo

The Princess Gets Engaged (1997) by Tracy Sinclair

Princess in Denim (1998) by Jenna McKnight

A Ring for Cinderella (1999) by Judy Christenberry

Saving Cinderella (2001) by Lilian Darcy

Secret Cinderella (2005) by Dani Sinclair

Siege of Hearts (1999) by June Calvin

Sign Me, Speechless in Seattle (1998) by Emily Dalton

Snowbound Cinderella (1999) by Ruth Langan

Southern Charms (1999) by Trana Mae Simmons

Stubborn Cinderella (1986) by Eugenia Riley

Tallie’s Knight (2000) by Anne Gracie

Temporary Husband (1996) by Day Leclaire

Twice a Princess (2005) by Susan Meier

When the Slipper Fits (2003) by Lynn Collum

The Winning Hand (1998) by Nora Roberts

With This Ring (1997) by Carla Kelly

Wyoming Cinderella (2001) by Cathleen Galitz

Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes (2004) by Victoria Alexander

The Frog King, or Iron Henry

Dr. Hunk (1993) by Glenda Sanders

The Frog Earl (1992) by Carola Dunn

The Frog Princess (1982) by Cheryl Zach

Her Frog Prince (2004) by Shirley Jump

Kiss Your Prince Charming (1999) by Jennifer Greene

Kissing Frogs (2004) by Laura Marie Altom

"The Nerd Prince" in Once Upon a Tangled Tale (1996) by Bronwyn Wolfe

Prince of Frogs (2004) by Barbara Ann Plum

Prince of Kisses (1997) by Colleen Shannon

The Princess and the Frog (1997) by Lisa Bingham

To Kiss a Frog (2005) by Ella James

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Bad to the Bone (1996) by Debra Dixon

In Papa Bear's Bed (1997) by Judy Christenberry

Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed (1996) by Linda Jones

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1997) by Jule McBride

Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? (2007) by Shawna Delacorte

Hansel and Gretel

Into The Woods (2001) by Linda Jones

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jackie and the Giant (1999) by Linda Jones

Stalking the Giant (1995) by Victoria Leigh

Little Mermaid

Catching a Daddy (1998) by Charlotte Maclay

Goddess of the Sea (2003) by P. C. Cast

Ondine (1988) by Shannon Drake

Little Red Riding Hood

Beauty And The Big Bad Wolf (2005) by Carol Grace

"Better to See You" in Once Upon a Time: Four Modern Day Romance Stories With All the Enchantment of a Fairy Tale (2000) by Gail Gaymer Martin

Big Bad Wolf (1997) by Linda Jones

A Groom for Red Riding Hood (1994) by Jennifer Greene

Hot Southern Nights (1995) by Patt Bucheister

"Little Roberta Hood Gets Even With the Big Bad Wolfe" in Once Upon a Tangled Tale (1996) by Bronwyn Wolfe

The Nightingale

"The Emperor's Nightingale" in Once Upon a Kiss (1999) by Judith A. Lansdowne

Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea (1996) by Victoria Alexander

The Princess and the Pea (1988) by Kathleen Korbel

The Princess and the Pea (1992) by Fayrene Preston

When It's Right (1993) Gina Wilkins

Puss In Boots

Promise Me Magic (1995) by Patricia Camden


"The Faery Braid" (1998) by Karen Harbaugh in Faery Magicanthology

Let Down Your Hair (2001) by Linda Jones

The Millionaire Next Door (2003) by Kara Lennox

Night Watch (1993) by Carla Neggers

Once Upon a Time: Golden Threads (1989) by Kay Hooper

The Prince, The Lady and The Tower (1997) by Muriel Jensen


Cooking Up Trouble (2000) by Emma Craig

The Missing Heir (1993) by Leandra Logan

Strands of Gold (1997) by Kathleen Morgan

Six Swans and Wild Swans

"The Seven Ravens" in Once Upon a Kiss (1999) by Karla Hocker

The Wild Swans (2000) by Kate Holmes

Sleeping Beauty

Awakening Beauty (2003) by Amy J. Fetzer

Before I Wake (1995) by Terry Lawrence

Cupid's Kiss (1999) by Karen Harbaugh

A Kiss to Remember (2001) by Teresa Medeiros

Once Upon A Kiss (1998) by Claire Cross

Prince Charming's Child (1999) by Jennifer Greene

Riley's Sleeping Beauty (1995) by Sherryl Woods

The Rose Red Bride (2005) by Claire Delacroix

Silver Rain (2000) Barbara Sheridan

Sleeping Beauty (1998) by Judith Ivory

Sleeping Beauty (1995) by Jane Donnelly

Sleeping Beauty (1995) by Judith Michael

The Sleeping Beauty (2001) by Jacqueline Navin

Sleeping Beauty (1999) by Dallas Schulze

Sleeping Beauty Suspect (2007) by Dani Sinclair

Sleeping Beauty's Billionaire (2003) by Caroline Cross

The Sleeping Princess by Barbara Cartland

Sleepwalking Beauty (1997) by Kathy Lynn Emerson

Sleeping With Beauty (2003) by Laura Wright

Thoroughly Kissed (2001) by Kristine Grayson

Utterly Charming (2000) by Kristine Grayson

Wake Me With A Kiss (1997) by Emily Dalton

Waking the Princess (2003) Susan King

What Dreams May Come (1990) by Kay Hooper

While She Was Sleeping (1998) by Diane Pershing

Who's Been Sleeping in Her Bed? (2000) by Pamela Dalton

Snow Queen

The Snow Queen (1996) by Anne Avery

Snow White and Rose Red

Rose Red (1996) by Flora Speer

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Almost Paradise (1988) by Debbie Macomber

Eight Men and a Lady (1997) by Elizabeth Sinclair

The Fairest of Them All (1992) by Leanne Banks

"Lily's Plight" in Once Upon a Time: Four Modern Day Romance Stories With All the Enchantment of a Fairy Tale (2000) by Yvonne Lehman

The Mirror and The Magic (1996) by Coral Smith Saxe

One Day, My Prince (2000) by Linda Jones

The Perfect Husband (1993) by Kristine Rolofson

Seven Reasons Why (1997) by Neesa Hart

The Snow White Bride (2005) by Claire Delacroix

An Unlikely Prince (1998) by Barbara Jean Hicks

The Three Little Pigs

Let Me Come In (1997) by Linda Jones

Ugly Duckling
While many romance novels have an "ugly duckling" finds love and acceptance theme, these novels have a stronger influence than most.

Alice at Heart (2002) by Deborah Smith

The Aristocrat (1986) by Catherine Coulter

The Chance (1997) by Edith Layton

The Charm School (1999) by Susan Wiggs

The Cinderella Solution (2000) by Cathy Yardley

Heaven, Texas (1995) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

In Her Shoes (2002) by Jennifer Weiner 
(More "chick lit" than romance novel.)

Jemima J (1999) by Jane Green
(More "chick lit" than romance novel.)

Kiss Your Prince Charming (1999) by Jennifer Greene

The Last Rogue (1998) by Deborah Simmons

Never Been Kissed (2001) by Linda Turner

One Christmas Knight (1997) by Kathleen Creighton

The Perfect Wife (2000) by Jane Goodger

Plain Jane Marries the Boss (2000) by Elizabeth Harbison

The Rake and the Wallflower (2001) by Allison Lane

Romancing Mister Bridgerton (2002) by Julia Quinn

Second Sight (1993) by Lynn Michaels

Temporary Daddy (1998) by Jennifer Mikels

Their Little Cowgirl (2004) by Myrna Mackenzie

A Thing of Beauty (2000) by Casey Claybourne

Under the Kissing Bough (2001) by Shannon Donnelly

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