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Alligator’s Fruit, The

TWO women went to gather some wild fruit from a vine which belonged to the alligator.

               "You must be careful not to throw the rind with your teeth marks on it where the alligator can see it," said one of the women to the other as they sat eating the fruit.

               But the other woman paid no attention and threw the rind showing teeth marks into the river, where the alligator saw it.

               Thus he knew at once who had taken his fruit, and he was very angry. He went to the house of the woman and called to the people:

               "Bring out the woman that I may eat her, for she has eaten my fruit"

               "Very well," answered the people. "But sit down and wait a little while."

               Then they put the iron soil-turner into the fire, and when it was red hot, they took it to the door and said to the alligator:

               "Here, eat this first."

               He opened his mouth, and they pushed the red hot iron down his throat, and he died.



Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Alligator’s Fruit, The
Tale Author/Editor: Cole, Mabel Cook
Book Title: Philippine Folk Tales
Book Author/Editor: Cole, Mabel Cook
Publisher: Curtis Brown
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1916
Country of Origin: Philippines
Classification: unclassified

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