Tower of Belem at Sunset, Lisbon, Portugal

Portuguese Folk-Tales by Consiglieri Pedroso

Portuguese Women Eating a Meal by Goa

Portuguese Folk-Tales
by Consiglieri Pedroso

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Table of Contents

Introduction by W. R. S. Ralston, MA.


1: The Vain Queen

2: The Maid and the Negress

3: The Three Citrons of Love

4: The Daughter of the Witch

5: May you vanish like the Wind

6: Pedro and the Prince

7: The Rabbit

8: The Spell-bound Giant

9: The Enchanted Maiden

10: The Maiden and the Beast

11: The Tower of Ill Luck

12: The Step-Mother

13: Saint Peter's Goddaughter

14: The Two Children and the Witch

15: The Maiden with the Rose on her Forehead

16: The Princess who would not marry her Father

17: The Baker's Idle Son

18: The Hearth-Cat

19: The Aunts

20: The Cabbage Stalk

21: The Seven Iron Slippers

22: The Maiden from whose Head Pearls fell on combing herself

23:The Three Princes and the Maiden

24: The Maiden and the Fish

25: The Slices of Fish

26: The Prince who had the head of a Horse

27: The Spider

28: The Little Tick

29: The Three Little Blue Stones

30: The Hind of the Golden Apple

The text came from:

Pedroso, Consiglieri. Portuguese Folk-Tales. Folk Lore Society Publications, Vol. 9. Miss Henrietta Monteiro, translator. New York: Folk Lore Society Publications, 1882.
[Reprinted: New York: Benjamin Blom, Inc., 1969.] Buy the book in paperback.

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