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Book Gallery for Frog King

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Frog King Tales collected by D. L. Ashliman

Married to Magic: Animal Brides and Bridegrooms in Folklore and Fantasy by Terri Windling


Here is a gallery of covers to books, movies and more featuring the Frog King fairy tale. Clicking on an image will link you to the item on Amazon.com where you can read more about it. Novels produced by romance publishers are not listed on this page, but can be found on Romance Novels: Fairy Tale Romances at Frog King.

Picture Books

Frog Prince Continued by Sciezka Frog Prince by Schroeder

The Frog Prince by Kathy-Jo Wargin (Author), Anne Yvonne Gilbert (Illustrator)Frog Prince by Alix Berenzy

The Princess and the Frog: Adapted from the Frog King and Iron Heinrich by the Brothers Grimm by Rachel IsadoraFrog Prince by

Kiss Me! I'm a Prince by Heather McLeod (Author), Brooke Kerrigan (Illustrator)Don't Kiss the Frog!: Princess Stories with Attitude by Fiona Waters

Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs? by Carmela LaVigna Coyle (Author), Mike Gordon (Author)Snog the Frog by Tony Bonning, Rosalind Beardshaw (Illustrator)

Frankly, I Never Wanted to Kiss Anybody!: The Story of the Frog Prince, As Told by the Frog by Nancy Loewen (Author), Denis Alsonso (Illustrator)The Frog Principal by Stephanie Calmenson (Author), Denise Brunkus (Illustrator)

Frog Prince by Pippa GoodhartFrog Prince by Eric Blair (Author), Todd Irving Ouren (Illustrator)

Frog Prince by Frog Prince by Jess Stockham (Author, Illustrator)

The Tadpole Prince by Nick WardThe Horned Toad Prince by Jackie Hopkins

Freddy the Frog and the Princess  by Zygmunt Frankel The Frog & the Princess & the Prince & the Mole & the Frog & the Mole & the Princess & the Prince by John B. Bear

The Princess and the Frog by Will EisnerProg Frince by C. Drew Lamm

Frog Prince illustrated by James MarshallFrog Prince by Susanna Davidson

The Frog Who Would Be King by Kate WalkerPrincess Stinky-Toes and the Brave Frog Robert by Leslie Elizabeth Watts

The Frog Princess by Rosalind AllchinThe Frog Princess by Laura Cecil


Enchanted by Alethea KontisCloaked by Alex Flinn

It's Not about the Ball! by Veronika Martenova Charles (Author), David Parkins (Illustrator)

Geek Charming by Robin PalmerWater Song: A Retelling of "The Frog Prince"  by Suzanne WeynThe Frog Prince by Gillian McKnight

The Unhandsome Prince by John MooreThe Frog Princess by E. D. BakerFrog Prince by Jane Porter

Never After by Rebecca LickissFair Peril by Nancy Springer

Prince of the Pond by Napoli Jimmy: The Pickpocket of the Palace by Napoli Gracie, the Pixie of the Puddle by Napoli

The Questing of Kedrigern by John MorressyThe Kedrigern Chronicles Volume 1: The Domesticated Wizard by John MorressyThe Kedrigern Chronicles Volume 2: Dudgeon And Dragons (The Kedrigern Chronicles, Volume 2) by John Morressy

Davey's Blue-Eyed Frog by Patricia Harrison EastonWillie, the Frog Prince by C. S. AdlerThe Frog Princess of Pelham by Ellen Conford

For Biddle's Sake by Gail Carson LevineThe Frog King: A Love Story by Adam Davies The Frog Prince: A Parable of Love & Transformation by Stephen Mitchell

Short Stories

Snow White, Blood Red edited by Datlow and WindlingSilver Birch, Blood MoonBlack Thorn, White Rose

The Door in the Hedge by Robin McKinleyRed as Blood: Or Tales from the Sisters Grimmer by Tanith LeeHarrowing the Dragon by Patricia A. McKillip

Little Red Riding Hood in the Big Bad CityTwice Upon A Time edited by Denise LittleRotten Relations edited by Denise Little

Once Upon a CrimeFeminist Fairy Tales by Barbara Walker

Untold Tales by William J. BrookeTales From the Brothers Grimm and Sisters Weird by Vivian Vande Velde

Newfangled Fairy Tales edited by Bruce LanskyNewfangled Fairy Tales #2 edited by Bruce Lansky

Fractured Fairy Tales by A. J. JacobsLegally Correct Fairy Tales by David FisherPolitically Correct Bedtime Stories: Modern Tales for Our Life and Times by James Finn Garner


The Frog Prince and Other Frog Tales From Around the World by Heidi Anne Heiner

Tales, Then and Now by Altman and  de VosFairy Tales from Greenhaven Press

Fairy Tale Collections

Complete Grimms translated by Jack ZipesThe Frog Prince and Other Frog Tales From Around the World by Heidi Anne Heiner


Disenchantments: An Anthology of Modern Fairy Tale Poetry edited by Wolfgang MiederThe Poets' Grimm edited by Beaumont and CarlsonTransformations by Anne Sexton

Dreaming Frankenstein and Collected Poems by Liz LochheadStory Hour by Sara Henderson HayStory Hour by Sara Henderson Hay

Return to Magic by Clive SansomIf I Were in Charge of the World and Other Worries: Poems for Children and their Parents by Judith Viorst


Prince Charming

Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale TheatreFaerie Tale Theatre: The Tale of the Frog PrinceFaerie Tale Theatre: Sleeping Beauty

Davenport Films:  The Frog KingDavenport Films:  The Frog King

Cannon Movie Tales: The Frog PrinceFrog Prince directed by Jim HensonFrog Prince directed by Jim Henson

Storybook International DVD SetThe Brothers Grimm: The Frog King/The Meaning of Fear


The Frog Prince: Original Movie Soundtrack by EnyaThe Frog Prince (1997 California Cast)

Under the Iron Sea by Keane

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