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Modern Interpretations of Jack and the Beanstalk

Full-Text Poems

The Bean-Stalk
by Edna St. Vincent Millay

How Jack Found that Beans May Go Back On a Chap
by Guy Wetmore Carryl

How Jack Made the Giants Uncommonly Sore
by Guy Wetmore Carryl

Jack the Giant-Killer
by James Whitcomb Riley


Jack and the Beanstalk Poetry

Jack the Giant-Killer
by James Whitcomb Riley

Tell you a story – an' it's a fac':--
Wunst wuz a little boy, name wuz Jack,
An 'he had sword an' buckle an' strap
Maked of gold, an' a "'visibul cap";
An' he killed Gi’nts ‘at et whole cows—
Th’ horns an’ all—an’ pigs an’ sows!
But Jack, his golding sword wuz, oh!
So awful sharp ‘at he could go
An’ cut th’ ole Gi’nts clean in two
‘Fore ‘ey knowed what he wuz goin’ to do!
An’ one ole Gi’nt, he had four
Heads, an’ name wuz "Bumblebore"—
An’ he wuz feared o’ Jack – ‘cause he,
Jack, he killed six—five—ten—three,
An’ all o’ th’ uther ole Gi’nts but him;
An’ thay wuz a place Jack haf to swim
‘Fore he could git t’ ole "Bumblebore"—
Nen thay wuz "griffuns" at the door;
But Jack, he thist plunged in an’ swum
Clean acrost; an’ when he come
To th’ uther side, he thist put on
His "‘visibul cap," an’ nen, dog-gone!
You couldn’t see him at all!--An’ so
He slewed the "griffuns"—boff, you know!
Nen wuz a horn hunged over his head,
High on th’ wall, an’ words ‘at read,--
"Whoever kin this trumput blow
Shall cause the Gi’nt’s overth’ow!"
An’ Jack, he thist reached up an’ blowed
The stuffin’ out of it! an’ th’owed
Th’ castul gates wide open, an’
Nen tuk his gold sword in his han’,
An’ thist marched in t’ ole "Bumblebore,"
An’, ‘fore he knowed, he put ‘bout four
Heads on him—an’ chopped ‘em off, too!--
Wisht ‘at I’d been Jack!--don’t you?


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