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Illustrations by Gustave Doré

Louis Auguste Gustave Doré

From The Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition (1910–1911): French artist, the son of a civil engineer, Gustave Doré was born at Strassburg on the 6th of January 1832. In 1848 he came to Paris and secured a three years' engagement on the Journal pour rire. His facility as a draughtsman was extraordinary, and among the books he illustrated in rapid succession were Balzac's Conies drolatiques (1855), Dante's Inferno (1861), Don Quixote (1863), The Bible (1866), Paradise Lost (1866), and the works of Rabelais (1873). He painted also many large and ambitious compositions of a religious or historical character, and made some success as a sculptor, his statue of Alexandre Dumas in Paris being perhaps his best-known work in this line. He died on the 25th of January 1883.

Below are links to the fairy tale illustrations of Gustave Doré. Click on the image to view all of the illustrations for each tale.

Bluebeard by Gustave Dore

Cinderella by Gustave Dore

Donkeyskin by Gustave Dore

The Fairies by Gustave Dore

Puss in Boots by Gustave Dore
Puss In Boots

Little Red Riding Hood by Gustave Dore
Little Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty by Gustave Dore
Sleeping Beauty

Titles of some books illustrated by Gustave Doré:

Les Contes de Perrault, dessins par Gustave Doré. Paris: J. Hetzel, 1867.

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The Dore Gallery

Perrault's Fairy Tales illustrated by Gustave Dore

Dore's Bible

Dore's Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Dore's Divine Comedy by Dante

Dore's Paradise Lost

Dore's Don Quixote

Dore's Crusades


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