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Modern Interpretations of Little Red Riding Hood

Full-Text Fiction

All my Doing; or Red Riding-Hood Over Again (1882)
by Harriet Louisa Childe-Pemberton

Full-Text Poems

How Little Red Riding Hood Came To Be Eaten
by Guy Wetmore Carryl

What the Wolf Really Said to Little Red Riding-Hood
by Bret Harte

Maymie's Story of Red Riding-Hood
by James Whitcomb Riley

Red Riding-Hood
by James Whitcomb Riley

The Coup de Grace
by Edward Rowland Sill

Red Riding-Hood
by John Greenleaf Whittier


Little Red Riding Hood Poetry

The Coup de Grace
by Edward Rowland Sill

Just at that moment the Wolf,
Shag jaws and slavering grin,
Steps from the property wood.
O, what a gorge, what a gulf
Opens to gobble her in,
Little Red Riding Hood!

O, what a face full of fangs!
Eyes like saucers at least
Roll to seduce and beguile.
Miss, with her dimples and bangs,
Thinks him a handsome beast;
Flashes the Riding Hood Smile;

Stands her ground like a queen,
Velvet red of the rose
Framing each little milk-tooth,
Pink tongue peeping between.
Then, wider than anyone knows,
Opens her minikin mouth,

Swallows up Wolf in a trice;
Tail going down gives a flick,
Caught as she closes her jaws.
Bows, all sugar and spice.
O, what a lady-like trick!
O, what a round of applause!

from An American Anthology, 1787–1900 (1900).


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