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Cinderella: Three Hundred and Forty-five Variants of Cinderella, Catskin, and Cap O' Rushes, abstracted and tabulated by Marian Roalfe Cox

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345 Variants
by Marian
Roalfe Cox

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Notes on this E-Text

EACH part of the original text compiled and edited by Marian Roalfe Cox is available in this e-text version. However, I have compiled the etext somewhat differently while still maintaining the content. You can view the original table of contents on the Index page. The original book was a reference source, not an anthology of tales, and was ordered for ease of use in book form. However, the magic of hyperlinks and e-text allows the information to be offered differently, hopefully more efficiently, for use and reading online. For this reason, I have made editorial decisions unique to SurLaLune for the text.

Cox orders the book into many parts, the two largest being the Abstracts and the Tabulations. The abstracts are divided and grouped by theme, A. Cinderella, B. Catskin, C. Cap O'Rushes and D. Indeterminate. (Group E. Hero Tales is given its own section later in the book.) The abstracts are listed alphabetically within each theme but given consecutive numbering starting with the first abstract in A. Cinderella and ending with the last abstract in the appendix. A master list of the abstracts, numbered 1-345 is provided on the Abstracts: Master List page.

In contrast, the tabulations are not grouped by Cox, but given in bibliographical order regardless of the numbers and groupings she designated. I have provided the Tabulations: Master List in bibliographical order as Cox listed them.

Both the Abstracts: Master List and Tabulations: Master List link to the same individual tales' pages. I have created individual pages for each variant, including the bibliographical information, abstract, tabulation, any pertinent notes from the appendix, as well as SurLaLune's notes and links to full text versions of the tale when they are available online. In other words, all pertinent information for each tale is provided on that tale's own page. You do not have to cross reference between the abstract, tabulation and notes as you would with the actual book. Comparing and contrasting tales might be a little more difficult, but you can open simultaneous windows for each tale for easier reading in your browser. This isn't possible with the original book since only a few abstracts or tabulations are available on each page at a time.

Cox provided an errata page which I have taken the liberty of correcting in the actual text. Cox would have done the same if the printing methods of the day had allowed for such a task.

Also, considering this book was compiled by hand, and I imagine written primarily in long hand, the editing of the original book was a little haphazard. It's rare for the bibliographic information to be consistent in form or content throughout the book for each tale. The bibliographical content in the Bibliography is abbreviated from what appears in the Abstracts which itself is abbreviated from the Tabulations. The Tabulations consistently had the most information provided. I have provided the most complete bibliographic information I could glean from all three citations on each tale's page. The master lists and the bibliography more closely resemble Cox's citations in these areas. In other words, the bibliographic information was inconsistent and I have tried to improve it, sometimes combining the information from three different citations and somewhat improving the format. Cox doesn't appear to use consistent standard formatting. Still, she always provided enough information to help researchers find the original source material, if access is still available.

Cox also was consistently inconsistent in her grammar and editing choices. For example, the phrase "Threefold" is sometimes "Three-fold" and at other times "Three fold." Other phrases suffered the same indifferent editing. These are not the fault of SurLaLune's editor or OCR software technology. There will be errors in converting such a large book to etext but the many of the most obvious come from inconsistencies in the original text. If you see glaring errors, such as words that are obviously wrong, feel free to email me with correction suggestions. Please include the page's address and a list of the misspelled word(s).

Also, I apologize for issues in translation and writing the titles in other languages. Some accents and other markings have been ommitted due to formatting issues. I have chosen not to use a Greek alphabet at this time and so loosely translated Greek titles into Roman alphabet equivalents.

Cox, Marian Roalfe. Cinderella: Three Hundred and Forty-five Variants of Cinderella, Catskin, and Cap O' Rushes, abstracted and tabulated. London: David Nutt for the Folklore Society, 1893.

While the original text of this book is out of copyright, the special formatting and compilation available on SurLaLune Fairy Tales is copyrighted. Be aware that while the original content has been honored, page numbering, footnote numbering, redesigned charts, links, and other aspects are unique to this site's version of the text. Use at your own risk. For private and fair use educational purposes only.

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