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I am constantly asked how and where I find all of my storytime materials. My collection has grown over the years and would be virtually impossible to replicate in its entirety. Many items are no longer available, especially most of my finger puppets. Other items I made myself and some were made for me.

The good news is that some of the things can be purchased for your own collections or as gifts for your favorite children. Whenever possible, I have provided links to items all over the site, especially to those available through Amazon.com.

I have also discovered several specialty items over the years that are my "secret" sources. For example, I discovered ArtFelt when I worked in California. ArtFelt converted me to regular flannelboard use. First, I fell in love with their felt boards. I only use felt boards from Artfelt because they are easy to store, transport, and set up. They are also the safest with no metal corners and a solid base. My favorite is the Felt Board 24" high X 24" wide (Royal Blue). Artfelt also offers puppets that work on your fingers or on a felt board. They are high quality with sewn and well-glued elements. You'll find ArtFelt links all over the storytime site. SurLaLune is not affiliated with ArtFelt. I'm just a big fan of Judy and her work.

Most of my puppets are by Folkmanis. I've collected these over the years from various sources. Some are available on Amazon.com. The largest selection is available at M. S. Creations (not a SurLaLune affiliation).

Most of my finger puppets were made by Manhattan Toy. Unfortunately, they are discontinued regularly and hard to find through regular retail stores. I have purchased many from Silly Goose Toys (not a SurLaLune affiliation). M. S. Creations (not a SurLaLune affiliation) also carries many finger puppets by Manhattan Toy and Folkmanis. Many of the other finger puppets were limited time releases available from Starbucks of all places. Starbucks no longer carries finger puppets as novelty items.

On occasion, I also use Little Folks Visual flannelboard materials to fill gaps in my collection, primarily for the Nursery Rhyme Minute. All of those sets are available through retailers on Amazon.

SurLaLune is a not-for-profit site. However, to help defray the expenses of running the site, SurLaLune is affiliated with Amazon.com, Bookcloseouts.com, Barnes and Noble, Art.com, Amazon.co.uk and Google's AdSense. When you make purchases through SurLaLune's links of to these associates, SurLaLune receives a small percentage. Thank you for using these links and supporting this site as well as the wonderful authors, illustrators, and other artists I feature.

I also link to other favorite sites without any recompense, except maybe some free samples for reviewing and consideration. I carefully choose these sites for their high quality products and excellent service. However, SurLaLune cannot be held responsible for any orders or other issues that may occur in your dealings with these businesses.


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